A World Without Backlinks: Matt Cutts Doesn’t See It

For years, SEOs have wondered what search would look like if backlinks were eliminated from the equation. Since backlinks are often a major part of spammy practices, some SEOs have speculated that getting rid of backlinks as a ranking factor would allow great SEOs to come out on top while severely impairing black hat SEOs. Recently, Search … [Read more...]

A Lesson on SEO Best Practices From a Personal Finance Class

My husband and I are currently attending a Dave Ramsey class. Over the course of 9 weeks, Ramsey offers insight and advice on how to take control of your personal finances. In a recent session, Ramsey discussed the concept of best practices, an idea that often gets thrown around in the world of SEO. Although he was obviously discussing finances, … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind the Death of Authorship Rumors

Google Authorship has been one of the biggest topics of conversation within the SEO community over the last year or so, but many SEOs are now speculating on the possible demise of the concept. Author Rank was expected to become a huge ranking factor, but so far it hasn’t panned out. From the discovery that the Authorship project no longer exists to … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Authority With the Help of Google’s In-Depth Articles

Back in August of 2013, Google introduced in-depth articles to the SERPs in order to provide more complex information for searchers who want more than surface-level answers to their queries. Sounds great, right? Type in a keyword phrase and easily identify high quality information from respected sources. For SEOs, this function can be incredibly … [Read more...]

Which SEO Campaigns Won (or Lost) in 2013?

2013 saw a wide variety of SEO campaigns, each vying for the attention of American audiences. Some of these campaigns were able to successfully utilize SEO best practices to connect with their consumer base, but many campaigns missed the mark. By studying these hits and misses, we can learn several lessons about the current state of SEO and … [Read more...]

Matt Cutts Pronounces Guest Posts Dead: Is It True?

Earlier this week, Matt Cutts posted a new blog that seems to deliver a death stroke to guest posting as we know it. Essentially, Matt announced that the SEO tactic of guest posting in order to gain links is over and will only hurt SEOs moving forward. If you’re trying to build links using guest posts in 2014, Google is going to start cracking … [Read more...]