8 Marketing Mediums That Need Written Content

Content marketing is all about delivering entertaining and educational content to as many of your audience members as possible. There are so many ways to get engaging content out there that small businesses will never stop needing new content. A small business can get endlessly creative with different media and distribution methods, but it all … [Read more...]

35 Ways to Beat Writers Block

You’ve come up with a great idea for your business blog, only to find that the words just won’t come. You sit at your desk and stare off into space, trying to locate the words that simply seem to evade you. There has to be a better way! There is – in fact, here’s 35 of them. Go for a Walk. Sometimes all your brain needs is a little fresh air. … [Read more...]

Copywriting Tips from the VW “Think Small” Ad Man

Bob Levenson has been hailed as the greatest “ad man” of all time by his contemporaries on Madison Avenue and around the world. Like Rosser Reeves, Levenson’s dynamic career and accomplishments were used as a model for AMC’s Mad Men. Once you start looking into the mind of this copywriting genius, it becomes quickly apparent why Advertising Age … [Read more...]

Conversion Writing Tips from “Mad Men” Model Rosser Reeves

What does a preacher’s kid do when he gets drunk, totals a friend’s car, and is expelled from school? If you’re Rosser Reeves (1910-1984), you go into advertising and copywriting. Prior to his motorized bacchanalian fiasco, Reeves had won a $100 prize for his conversion writing skills. His essay, “Better Living Through Chemistry,” captured the … [Read more...]

Advertising 101: How Claude Hopkins Sold a Staggering Amount of Beer

The basic idea behind small business copywriting is that words matter. A customer starts at point A, holding dollars and in need of a service, and ends at point Z with fewer dollars (for the moment) and their needs met. Stuff happens along the way: Words. Thoughts. A change of heart, mind, or both. This is the conversion … [Read more...]

3 Copywriting Tips from Helen Lansdowne Resor

You may not have heard of Helen Lansdowne Resor, but the worlds of both big and small business copywriting certainly bear her mark. She was a master of conversion writing, leveraging her talent through long-form feature articles, as well as short and snappy copy. Not only was Resor a talented advertiser; she was a champion for women in the early … [Read more...]