3 Digital Automation Practices for Small Businesses

Digital automation is the process of using digital tools to streamline regular processes that absorb manpower. Since many small businesses are grappling with establishing their online presence, now is the time to give yourself an edge on competitors. Automated tools are primarily designed to do one of two things: Save you and your employees … [Read more...]

Even Hot Dog Carts Need Websites Nowadays

Websites need to be continually updated. Recent increases in mobile use makes 2015 something of a milestone for online companies. Surprisingly, there are still thousands of small businesses without any online presence. Another large percentage of small businesses have failed to keep their websites updated. 50% of small businesses have seen … [Read more...]

Summer is the Perfect Time to Drum Up New Business

Summer may not be the conventional season for professionals thinking about strategies for growth. It’s true that people are distracted with the nicer weather and family activities throughout the summer, but that also means there is a strong potential for networking and making meaningful and lasting connections with your clients. Instead of letting … [Read more...]

Help! I Don’t Have Time to Stay Online

Whether you run a small business, are starting a YouTube channel, or you’re in the process of growing, you may feel stretched thin when it comes to online marketing. One entrepreneur site may tell you that SEO is key, while another may tout social media as the forum with the most potential. Don’t let targeted articles confuse how you should … [Read more...]

Hiring Interns: The Differences Between Getting a Lazy Frat Bro and an Ambitious Young Professional

If you are a small business looking to hire an intern for the first time, you probably have many reservations and questions regarding the search, hiring, and management process. While there are plenty of success stories floating around, it’s hard not to think about the countless horror tales you’ve no-doubt also heard. Don’t fear, though! With the … [Read more...]

But Wait, There’s More! 5 Infomercial Secrets Every Marketer Should Know

Imagine coming home on a Friday evening with nothing to do. You grab the remote control and plop onto the couch, flipping through channels to find something worth watching. Nothing’s on. Suddenly, a commercial appears: lose 30 pounds in 30 days! Before you know it, you’re hooked. What you thought was a 30-second commercial is actually a … [Read more...]