Improve Your Social (Media) Skills to Stay Relevant as a Small Business

Around one third of the entire global population (and 60% of North America’s population) are active on social media. This is an enormous audience you simply cannot ignore as a small business in 2018. Engaging in a regular social media content strategy can increase your brand’s visibility, give your business a relatable voice, and increase your site … [Read more...]

Recent Pew Report Shows Facebook Dominates News Consumption Via Social Media

With more and more consumers relying on social media sites for news, extensive research is being conducted to show exactly how adults in the U.S. are consuming news via social media. While a previous report by the Pew Research Center compared news consumption on Facebook vs. Twitter, they recently released a new study that looks at a larger range … [Read more...]

Social Media’s Mobile Use Skyrocketing Past 2013 Predictions

According to a recent article on Business Insider, mobile social media trends are, er, trending upward at rates that put predictions to shame. The biggest beneficiaries of this global mobile upsurge have been mobile-first social media sites like WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat, but the news pertains to all social media, every one of which has shown … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Web-or-Mobile Feature: Not Snapchat. Not Even Close.

So, Facebook announced a new feature recently that looks like it will change the very face of everything you ever thought you knew about mobile social media. That’s right – it announced that you will now be able to see at a glance whether your friends on messenger are logged in from the web or from the mobile app. Oh – what’s that? You thought I … [Read more...]

Vine Finally Adds Saving & Editing Tools

Vine, the popular stop-motion video app, recently made two major updates that change the way it is used. Now allowing users to save drafts and edit their videos, brands just got a whole lot more control when it comes to marketing on Vine. These updates also help Vine stay in competition with Instagram Video, which already allowed editing for its … [Read more...]

Twitter Now Provides Option for Multiple Timelines

Twitter, now a freshly public company, enjoyed a great deal of press recently about its IPO. Overall, the IPO was a success and it appears that going public isn't going to slow down improvements to Twitter in any way. Yesterday, Twitter unveiled Twitter Events and added some important functionality to its services, especially for businesses and … [Read more...]