Improve Your Social (Media) Skills to Stay Relevant as a Small Business

Around one third of the entire global population (and 60% of North America’s population) are active on social media. This is an enormous audience you simply cannot ignore as a small business in 2018. Engaging in a regular social media content strategy can increase your brand’s visibility, give your business a relatable voice, and increase your site … [Read more...]

Think You Can’t Survive on Social Media? 16 Tips to Make Your Boring, Weird, or Unsexy Brand Stand Out

There are many brands out there that may think they can’t gain a following on social media – the boring, the weird, and the unsexy. Whether you’re selling software, nails, period products, or office supplies, it may be difficult for your brand to engage with its audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. However, plenty of … [Read more...]

Can Your Marketing Plan Keep Up with Evolving Social Media?

Facebook is turning ten years old, but this forerunner in social networking isn’t showing its age. Instead, the site has celebrated with a new feature – “look back” videos that offer a glimpse into an individual’s past on the site. This “look back” is just another way that Facebook is looking forward and taking other social media platforms with … [Read more...]

7 Tips & Tools to Eliminate Distraction When Working Online

Working online definitely has its perks: Twitter conversations, cat videos, and BuzzFeed. Working online also has drawbacks: Twitter conversations, cat videos, and BuzzFeed. How do we deal with this situation? Patience, practice, and these seven tips. (The Twitter conversations, cat videos, and BuzzFeed will still be there when you take … [Read more...]

Social Media Shines During Boston Marathon Bombing

On April 15th, one of the symbols of Massachusetts Patriots Day and much more, the Boston Marathon, fell victim to bombings from an unknown source. The news broke early in the afternoon of the 15th and spread like wildfire thanks to cable television and the internet. As it has done in the past, social media played an important role in not only … [Read more...]

Epic Fail, Bro: 7 Major Marketing Fails

Okay, it happens. We all make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. We try our best and sometimes we come out on top, sometimes we fail miserably. But at least we tried our best, right? In our personal lives that all may be true, but unless we’re trying to impress the cute maid of honor in front of all the guests at the wedding, we’re rarely marketing … [Read more...]