Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader in 3 Easy Steps

As a savvy business owner, you’ve likely heard by now that a blog is one of the key ingredients to establishing thought leadership. Have you stopped to consider what this term actually means, let alone how to achieve it? Thought leadership is one of those nebulous terms that businesses like to throw around a lot, but without a working definition it … [Read more...]

5 Yoga Moves for the Office and Their Benefits

Tracing its roots through antiquity, yoga is a discipline commonly practiced for mental, physical, and spiritual reasons. While the newcomer may picture a master Yogi contorting her or himself on an isolated hillside, quietly meditating and counting heart beats, the modernization of yoga has taken this practice from cardio intensive to P90X style … [Read more...]

Oopsy-Daisy: Recovering From Online Mistakes

Remember when Twitter CFO made that mergers & acquisitions gaffe? The Twitterverse is an easy online forum where mistakes abound in careless entries and late night posts and no online site is immune from the potential for professional mistakes. Website content, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other applications and online forums can all bring industry … [Read more...]

Monetizing Your Thought Leadership Efforts

While thought leadership is a means for establishing credibility and authority, it can actually serve a much more practical purpose. If developed and pushed in the appropriate manner, an effective thought leadership campaign can actually directly drive sales and increase revenue. Are you making the most out of your thought leadership efforts? The … [Read more...]

Are You Building an Army of Thought Leaders? Move from Individual to Corporate Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a topic I’ve discussed at length, but it’s an area of focus that commands much attention. While it’s usually looked at from a personal point of view, it’s very much a corporate agenda as well. Consider brands like General Electric, The Ritz-Carlton, and ESPN for example. Their corporate strategies have taken them from … [Read more...]

Are You Properly Equipped for Reputation Building?

We often meet someone for the first time and they already have preconceived notions about the way we will interact and carry ourselves. Why is this? As the old adage claims, “Your reputation precedes you.” What you put out there can take on a life if its own. In the business world, reputation is extremely important. It’s the difference between … [Read more...]