9 Creative Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

Perhaps you’re a regular blogger, but are you really doing everything in your power to increase organic traffic to your site? Check out these eight creative ways you can start earning more website traffic. #1 Schema markups. Have you ever searched for a recipe and seen a picture of the dish just below the page title? Maybe you’ve noticed stars … [Read more...]

Put Your Copy on a Treadmill: 3 Slim & Trim Tactics

In early silent films, the “chase scene” was a tried-and-true tactic for extending film length. It was also the main reason many viewers paid to go to the theater. A dawdling screenwriter or director might be told, “Cut to the chase!” – literally – by splicing the reel to abruptly introduce the chase scene. Here are three ways you can cut to the … [Read more...]

If the Election Was Just on Tumblr, Obama Still Would Have Won

While the 2012 election has been over for more than 6 months, the candidates’ Tumblr blogs remain active. Tumblr as a blogging platform creates something of an online time capsule, and Mitt Romney’s and Barack Obama’s Tumblr blogs fall squarely into this category. Each reflects its respective candidate during the campaign period. While we here at … [Read more...]

Top 6 Cloud-Based Apps for Content Marketing

Google Documents, you’ve got my heart. Dropbox, I’ll always be here for you. (Will you always be there for me?) iCloud, I think I just might have to take you up on those 5 free gigabytes. The cloud is coming. Faster than you might expect. In fact, 500 new cloud apps appear online every day. For content marketers like myself – working … [Read more...]

4 Copywriting Tips From Bruce Barton

When it comes to creating website content, why not learn from the copywriting masters? Before there was David Ogilvy, there was Bruce Barton (1886 – 1967), next-door neighbor to a young Ernest Hemingway in Oak Park, Illinois. Though his neighbor may have achieved more public fame, Bruce Barton actually sold more books than Hemingway and F. Scott … [Read more...]

4 Easy Rules to Mobile Friendly Copy

Every day there are more iPhones sold than babies born. Yes. More iPhones than babies. If you’re a business or agency owner, then we’re overdue for a conversation about mobile-friendly website content. Not only are mobile sales skyrocketing, but experts anticipate mobile web usage to increase by 66% each year for the next five … [Read more...]