How to Write with Authority Part Three: Tone

Welcome back! So far in this series, we’ve looked at the active voice, and how to stay relevant with your content. Today, we look not at what you say, but how you say it: tone. When we speak, our tone conveys emotion and thoughts. Whether we say a sentence high or low affects how our listener interprets the information. Obviously, written … [Read more...]

Style, Grammar, and Usage: The Lowdown on Quality Writing

You might not be an editor, but you can probably spot the difference between a good piece of writing and one that’s lousy. High-quality writing pulls readers along without them realizing it — it’s approachable, interesting, and crisp. Writing can be weak for many reasons besides obvious grammar missteps. It could lack focus, supporting details, … [Read more...]

Crossing the Fine Line Between Originality and Plagiarism

During the Republican National Convention, viewers quickly noticed the similarities between Melania Trump’s speech and Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech. The preventable blunder was the focus of many media reports in the days after, highlighting the importance of content originality in today’s digital age. Whether … [Read more...]

Scrap the Boring Stuff – Make Your Brand’s Story Actually Mean Something

The art of storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. Starting with the earliest cave paintings that would "animate" a story of the hunt in the flickering firelight, humans have always been compelled by the power of imagination. We use stories to pass on our personal and familial history, enlighten our minds, and for simple … [Read more...]

From Walter White to Miley Cyrus: Thought Leadership Lessons

While polarizing pop star Miley Cyrus may not be a big fan of the television series Breaking Bad, she may have more in common with the show’s lead character, Walter White, than first meets the eye. Cyrus and White, while working in completely different industries, are exceptional at what they do. In fact, you could call them ‘thought leaders.’ So … [Read more...]

How to Turn an SEO Snooze-Fest into a Winner

Every SEO has been faced with the prospect of creating a campaign for a business that seems utterly boring; whether they are in the business of cement mixing or selling a specific part for engines. Believe me, the writing team at Content Equals Money has seen our fair share of “boring” topics. Even if the business has an established reputation for … [Read more...]