A Blog is Like a Silent Warrior

I always like to spend my time sitting around thinking of metaphors.  It’s a fun way to pass time, and, hey, I’m a writer, so I figure that any time spent daydreaming relating things is just thought exercise for work, right?  Right?

Well, work with me.

Not only am I a writer, but I’m a professional blogger – and if I really want to think that I’m using my thoughts for work, I turn my thoughts to blogging.  This week’s conjecture about blogs is dedicated to one of my favorite means of fanciful thought: the silent warrior.  What’s not to like about him?  He’s strong, he’s proud, he carries his banner, he fights to the bitter end, and he stands for a cause.

Can your blog measure up to the high standards of the stoic, unflappable warrior?  Yes.  Yes it can.  Let me show you how.

Blogs are your frontrunners in the information war.  There are many ways that you can personify content marketing, of course, but keep in mind that no matter how friendly the scene can seem, there’s actually a war going on – Joe Pulizzi likens it to a war of attrition.

You’ve got to get out there with your swords raised high and fight your way to the top of the blogosphere.  No matter what kind of business you’re running, it’s doubtless that you’ve got competitors trying to do the exact same thing.  You need to meet them parry for thrust and fight your way to the top of the pile.

However, as Pulizzi says, it’s not about winning the battle.  It’s about being in it for the long run.  There are great examples of content marketing out there that ended up being not so great: because they stopped.  You can’t ever stop content marketing, or you lose the war.

The war is ongoing; simply because the flow of information is never going to stop.  This shouldn’t sound like an insurmountable goal and if your blog has the silent mask of the perfect warrior, it won’t see the never-ending fight as a slog.  It’s a challenge.

A good blog is often the first piece of your content marketing schema that your clients will interact with.  This warrior is how they will be introduced into your overall war strategy. And if your silent warrior can present a picture of knowledge and felicity of thought, you’ll be surprised what a powerful mark it can make in the eyes of the client.

Blogs can go where no man has gone before.  According to Interact Media, the most sharable kinds of content are lists and how-tos.  This makes a lot of sense; both in terms of readability and interests. Lists are more likely to be broken up into smaller chunks of text which are easily consumed, and a how-to will pull in interested readers like the siren song of a proud regiment pulls in recruits.

Now, where is the best place to disseminate this sharable content?  In a blog, of course.  Your blog should stand tall and be able to shout instructions through a microphone like a drill sergeant; even if we’re talking about the silent warrior here, he’s got to be able to stand up and make a name for himself at some point.

Once you’ve got your blog’s voice, then he does what any good soldier does: goes where he needs to go and many other places beside.  A blog can be shared through Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and any other number of social media outlets.

All you have to do is give him the orders and off he goes.  And you’ll know when your soldier truly becomes successful when your clients start requesting his presence as well – you might be surprised at how far he can go with the appropriate content!

Blogs are versatile like a Swiss Army knife.  There’s a reason why the storied Swiss Army Knife has the word “Army” in it.  It’s a small, compact device that can be used for any number of things.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to a proud soldier; since it’s easy to carry and can do any number of things.

Guess what?  So can your blog!  You don’t need to limit your blogging to how-tos or sales pitches.  Not to say that these don’t have a place on your blog and that they shouldn’t be included, but you can also use your blog as a way to launch infographics, profile posts, case studies, research posts, inspiring posts, and any other number of interesting topics.  Need some inspiration?  Check out this post at Copyblogger about 52 Types of Blog Posts that are Proven to Work.

In order for your blog to be successful, you don’t just need your content to cut it – your content has to corkscrew it, bottle open it, toothpick it, screwdriver it, and all things in between.  Just like a Swiss Army knife supports the silent warrior, your blog needs to support the varied nature of your business.

Blogs are disciplined.  The best silent warriors know how to follow orders and they know how to stick to a routine.  As mentioned many times before, there’s nothing worse than a dead blog.  (Not to get too morbid, but there aren’t many things worse than dead soldiers, either.)  In order to prevent this from happening, the soldier needs to understand the importance of routine and maintenance.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s really no science to blog length.  If you ask different people, you’ll get difference answers.  The one thing to always keep in mind is to be dedicated about updating your blog – try to get into a routine and stick with it.  Of course, the more you update your blog, the better it is (assuming that you update with real content and aren’t just spamming); but try to get into a routine.

I recommend to clients that they at least blog three times a week to keep the blog looking active.  An inactive blog is a red flag to customers about the state of the business.  You want your business to look like a well-run machine; just how soldiers run drills if they’re not on the battlefield.  Keep your soldier in good shape by regularly updating!

Blogs are smart. The silent warrior’s intelligence is often overlooked, as it seems as though his main purpose is to follow orders.  Of course, following orders is an important part of having a blog – as mentioned above, being disciplined is important when it comes to blogging for business.  But it’s not just about putting out content on a regular basis, just like the best soldiers aren’t just about doing drills.  It’s about being able to demonstrate real intelligence when it counts.

Make sure that every blog post you put out has something intelligent to say.  Clients are going to be able to recognize canned content at a glance, and while repurposing content is a great way to make your intelligence go farther, strike out on a limb and make sure that you cover multiple concepts.  With our blog, we cover everything from content marketing to branding to copywriting to technology tips.  You might be surprised how broad your knowledge base really is.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ways to diversify your blog, check out this resource at Internet Resources A-Z.

In sum, when you’re blogging for business your blog should be intelligent, disciplined, versatile, strong, fearless, and a true warrior.  Make sure that you take the time and energy to give your blog the power and resources it needs to truly make a stake in the information war!

What do you do to make your blog fight for you?

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Laura Hancock is a co-owner of ContentEqualsMoney.com. She has also been a long time writer for us. She writes with a passion for accuracy and flow. While her administrative duties have grown, she is a still a big piece of our content writing services team! Currently pursuing a certification in Technical Writing at the University of Washington. She lives in Seattle. +Laura Hancock

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    1. Hi Laura,

      Really enjoyed this post. I especially agreed with your points on blog versatility and being foreunners in an information war. We focus a lot on creating new, interesting content for our readers, as well as varying the style. Some of our most successful posts have been slideshares or infographics. People love visuals!

      – Jessica at Marketo

      • Hi Jessica! I’m glad you liked the post. Visuals are *extremely* popular – I have to say that there’s nothing better than a good infographic. We’ve been making inroads on slideshares as well – it’s astonishing how popular they can be.

        Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    2. Hi Laura – I am on a steep learning curve at the moment, but agree that Blogs can go anywhere and I like lists too. Learnt a lot about making writing interesting here. Will use your internet resources.
      directhelp was just talking about…Is charity wrong?My Profile

      • Hi directhelp! I’m glad you liked the blog. Keep checking back to the site – we’re about ready to launch some great curation posts soon! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    3. Hi Laura,

      I think it’s so important when blogging for business to insure that your blog is a two-way conversation. So many business blogs “try” to engage customers, but then fail to enable comments on their blog posts, which clearly suggests a strange disconnect!

      Sure, moderating comments takes more work, but all small business bloggers know how hard comments are to come by anyways. Why not enable comments, and actually start to engage?

      Just my thoughts this morning!

      • Haha, I agree, Ben! I guess another good point I could have added is that a blog is also good at being a communicator when necessary – it’s not just all about taking orders, after all, but being able to talk with the right people at the right time, and commenting is very much like that.

        This is why I love metaphor. You can go so far with it. 🙂


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