A Blog Is Your Own Personal Concierge

Imagine that you’re on your dream vacation. Cancun. The Bahamas. Puerto Rico. Saskatchewan, maybe—it’s your dream vacation! Now imagine that you’ve just arrived in the one place you’ve dreamed of going for so long, you’ve gotten off of your flight and have made it to your hotel. When you walk in the door, you’re greeted by a luxurious lobby. You make your way to the concierge and ask to check in. They pull out a grocery list of services you never asked for, yell at you, rattle off a quote on an occupied hotel room based on prices from six months ago, and don’t even say “Thank You” before returning to their work. You feel confused, ignored, and out of luck.

Not the ideal turn of events for your dream vacation, was it? Nobody wants this to happen to themselves, or anyone else. Surprisingly enough, this is the effect your business’s blog has on customers if you don’t keep it fresh and updated regularly. Your online business is the storefront for your goods and services, and your blog is the warm invitation that will get people through the door. A stale blog reflects poorly on you as the business owner, and not having a blog at all makes your online business seem very impersonal.

Making Customers Feel Welcome

Let’s consider again our rude, unhelpful concierge. This concierge is hired by the hotel to make customers feel welcome. Did the concierge do his job in our little dream vacation fiasco? Hardly. The money spent keeping this particular concierge around was wasted, because not only did they not make us feel welcome to stay at our hotel, they turned us away. If you try to overload blog posts with keywords, or don’t post enough updates, or let your blog go stale, your “digital concierge” is not doing its job properly, and is going to turn potential customers away from you.

This is where content creating services come in. Much like a hotel hires someone to be a cordial face to customers, it’s a smart move to hire someone to manage the personal side of your online business. If you don’t think you have the time or the skills to keep your blog fresh, there are writing services available that can fill in for you and remove the stress of keeping up with online appearances. Hiring a professional “digital concierge” will leave you the freedom to run your business how you see fit, without having to worry about if your online content is helping you or hurting your bottom line.

Is It Really Worthwhile?

Absolutely! A regularly updated blog is tough to maintain on your own, but the benefits far outweigh the expense. Visitors that see a friendly, welcoming blog will feel like they’re actually getting in touch with the business owner personally, and will be more compelled to take advantage of what you have to offer. What’s more, your products and services will get more exposure online because your website is constantly updated with fresh, relevant content that people will find in searches and casually browsing around. As icing on the cake, visitors will feel like they’re invited to visit your business’s website more often for your latest posts, resulting in more positive word of mouth, better repeat business, and a sense of personal connection to your customers.

Maintaining a professional, personable blog is a no-brainer when you think about it this way. Of course you want a digital concierge always ready to invite your visitors to stay a while and enjoy your website! Content marketing is changing the way business works, and the relationship between the business owner and customers is more important than ever before. Having a blog on your website is the quickest and easiest way to foster a positive relationship with your visitors. Don’t settle for the concierge service that doesn’t do their job right. Make the most of your online presence and your effort will pay off—literally!!—in the long run.

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Laura Hancock is a co-owner of ContentEqualsMoney.com. She has also been a long time writer for us. She writes with a passion for accuracy and flow. While her administrative duties have grown, she is a still a big piece of our content writing services team! Currently pursuing a certification in Technical Writing at the University of Washington. She lives in Seattle. +Laura Hancock

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