Amie Marse – Founder

Amie Marse is our beloved lady at large. She has been a successful writer for over 5 years and is the natural outgrowth of her success. Her primary duty at this point is to direct the business and work with clients, though she fills in with extra writing work as needed. In addition to the management of she also engages in various speaking events across Lexington, KY. The primary topics of her engagements involve outsourcing, marketing, and how others can create successful and lucrative home based businesses. With many contacts in the field of content generation, search engine optimization (SEO), and home-businesses, she is a leader in the growing market of content generation – an advantage that she is eager to share with others. She is always open to more opportunities to speak and teach groups big and small. Please feel free to email her directly at

Where you live/Hometown –
Lexington, KY/ Newport Beach, CA

Education –
BA, Bible and Theology;Mdiv, Systematic Theology;MBA
Random Fact or hidden talent –
I often way, way, way overtip because I refuse to ask for change back.
Who you live with –
My two dogs, Bille and Lily.

Favorite topics to write about –
Small Business Development

Internet Marketing



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