Anne Schwartz – Education Writer

Anne is one of our fresh new writers. We are excited to have her on board, to fill in some gaps. Though we have done many education based projects the last few months, we are pleased as punch to have a person with that specific skill 🙂 If you are interested in seeing how Anne can bring your project to fruition, email us anytime!

This is what she thinks of her writing:

My writing style tends to be very conversational. I like to be concise while still giving my work a fun and friendly feel so my reader can be drawn in with a touch of personality while still ending up well-informed.


Burlington, KY
Education –

Pursuing M.S. Communication Disorders, University of Kentucky.
B.A. Special Education, Arizona State University (Go Sundevils!).
Random fact –

I’m a southpaw but I bat right in softball.
Who I live with –

My four children, Gus, and my android phone.
Favorite topics to write about –

Education, children and families, and disability rights.

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