Emma Richardson – Social Media Manager

Emma is our social media manager. This means she spends her days interacting with clients and other content generation companies. She isn’t available to do writing on a regular basis but she does fill in when necessary. We are super excited to have her around because we love being able to consistently touch base with our clients across social media.

Where you live/Hometown –
Austin, TX/Detroit, MI

Education –
BA in English – Professional Writing and Women and Gender Studies

Random Fact or hidden talent –
My paternal grandmother, Billie Jean Cowles, was named after Billie Burke, the actress who played Glinda, Good Witch of the North, in The Wizard of Oz.

Who you live with –
My enormous and lovable Maine Coon, Michael Ian Cat

Favorite topics to write about –
Comedy, feminism, nostalgia, and the culture at large

Our company social media links are –





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