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What does “ad hoc” mean? Ad Hoc is a Latin term which translates as “for this,” which means it isn’t connected to anything else. This is the ideal arrangement for internet marketing companies that use Content Equals Money as their “in-house” writers. It can also be an excellent tool for the business owner who already knows what he needs, when he needs it and how he needs it written.

What Are The Differences Between Content for the Rest of Us and The Royal Treatment? Essentially, the difference is the heavy lifting. If you need our team to spend time putting together your editorial calendar, brainstorming topics, building a map around your buying cycle or proofing your SEO, we offer the Royal Treatment. For those that just need writers to do the writing, ad hoc is perfect!

How Much Does Content for the Rest of Us Cost? Typically these posts cost around 7-9 cents per word. The price depends on the level of research required to craft your pieces and the technical level of the content. This price applies to articles, site content and more.

Press releases are a flat $70. White papers and other research intense projects vary on industry.

Can I Keep The Same Writer Through Multiple Projects? Absolutely! We bend over backwards to make sure that writers stay with the same client throughout our relationship. That way the client doesn’t need to repeat feedback items and the writer can become more acquainted with the site’s community.

Can I Give Feedback On My Pieces? Absolutely! One of the reasons that Amie or your dedicated account manager is the go-between is that it alleviates any need to edit your feedback. Often, the first few assignments require heavy feedback so that all future assignments are hit out of the park. Don’t ever feel like you are going to hurt anyone’s feelings. The more you tell us, the more we can help convert those leads!

Obviously, our goal is to get to know you best via our Voice Document. However, a lot of times nuances don’t come to light until the first few assignments. Especially for our clients that are nonwriters, it can be a long process to fully communicate your needs.

Do You Provide Any Guarantees For Your Ad Hoc Assignments? Yes! We provide our baseline guarantee of original content. This means that anything we present for payment is Copyscape approved. If it is not, we owe you $500 per piece!

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee traffic or conversions for ad hoc assignments because our pieces are such a small piece of the puzzle. If you are looking for traffic or conversion guarantees please look into our Royal Treatment packages.

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Do you offer anything besides The Royal Treatment and ad hoc writing?

We sure do! We provide two other sub-services: time sensitive pieces and market research.

Time sensitive pieces are those posts written about breaking news in your industry. Oftentimes these are included in The Royal Treatment custom packages but can also be purchased on an ad hoc basis. These posts are written about items that happened on the same calendar day. We have a writer on staff that writes early in the EST mornings, then the pieces are edited and posted to your blog by noon EST/ 9am PST. The prices vary based on when you make the request.

Market Research is a sort of backdoor service offering for us. It’s not something we offer by itself but we do offer it to established Content Equals Money clients. Back in September of 2011 some of our clients asked us for referrals in market research and after finding the options way too expensive requested our help. We were happy to accommodate and so in the process we purchased access to top level research. Since this access was purchased on an annual basis, we are still providing this option. Based on how much this sells in the next 9 months we will continue to offer this into 2013.

There are 4 types of market research offerings:

New Venture – Want to have solid research to prove your new venture will work?

Competitive Analysis – Need to know who your competitors are online and what they are doing right/wrong?

Industry Overview – What are the big box companies in your industry doing this year?

Securing Funding – A combination of the above three specifically for funding purposes.

Each Market Research project is charged at a flat rate of $1,850. This includes both the research itself as well as the ability to cite research in future marketing/sales material.

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