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The Royal Treatment is a specialty offering that we make for clients who want the finest of content marketing.  When the power of content marketing is used to its fullest from start to finish, it produces spectacular results for very little cost.  We at Content Equals Money love working with businesses like yours to help you up your conversions through the power of words.

Read through this FAQ on the Royal Treatment, and feel free to contact us at any point during the process.  We’d love to consult with you – and we’ll do it for free!

The Basics

What Does the Royal Treatment Do?  Content Equals Money plans with you to make content generation a pointed marketing system for your business, calibrated for conversion. From start to finish, our team of experts will create a plan that harnesses the power of marketing for your business.  We use cutting edge research techniques to dig up keywords and relevant editorial calendars for your business.  With our focus on business, we build this content system around your ideal customer, paying attention to pain points and buying stages.

When Will I See Results? You’ll see a bump in traffic in three weeks or less. We provide specific benchmarks for both traffic and conversions at the three, six, and nine-month points.

What Results Can I Expect?  Based on your current traffic and conversion rate and the package you purchase, we will provide specific benchmarks for your campaign. Since this are based on your current conversions (or lack thereof) and the type of package you buy there isn’t a straight answer.

Who Will Be Working On My Campaign? A team of college educated, US based writers and marketers. Each campaign has a dedicated account manager, a lead writer, lead editor, quality assurance person and, if necessary, a professional consultant. This ensures that all your content is accurate and relevant to your clients.

How Much Does it Cost? We build you a custom package, based on how much you want to commit to content marketing.  There is always a professional consultation before campaigns are created – every business’ needs are different!  Most packages hover around $2,000/month. Each package consists of work to be done on a monthly basis. You pay the first and last month up front, and then you will be billed at the end of each month. We require a minimum commitment of three months to allow for long lasting results. You can renew at the three month mark, or you can lock in your prices for a full year by signing an annual contract. If you sign an annual contract and the benchmarks are not met, you are no longer obligated to your contract—though we never miss our goal!

What Does the Price Include? The difference between plain content and content that converts is the planning. Before any writing happens, a lot of planning goes into each and every campaign. That is when we work directly with you to develop a voice document and editorial calendar, as well as craft your campaign from scratch. In order to keep costs down, we build the cost of preparation into the actual campaign. This is how you get the advantage of extra services and our amazing support staff without paying extra. This is also why we encourage annual contracts. However, we also know that once you try us, you’ll be more than satisfied. So, we would never let an annual contract stand between you and our service. Only want to commit to three months? No problem—after three months are up we know you’ll want to reinvest. The only benefit of a longer contract is to lock in your prices. We increase our prices on a fairly regular basis, as we increase the built-in benefits of our service.

What if I Want Something Different? We provide packages for the benefit of clients that are unsure where to start. However, if you are looking for multiple blogs or site content, or anything else, we are more than happy to add other assignments a la cart.

What Happens if I Don’t See the Results You Promised? – We require three months to get the ball rolling on your campaign. However, if you don’t hit the benchmarks we promised, you are free to cut your time with us short. We’ll even refund you the last month of your campaign. You should know though… we always hit our benchmarks and usually surpass them.

Ready to Get Started?

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Do you offer anything besides The Royal Treatment and ad hoc writing? We sure do! We provide two other sub-services: time sensitive pieces and market research.

Time sensitive pieces are those posts written about breaking news in your industry. Oftentimes these are included in The Royal Treatment custom packages but can also be purchased on an ad hoc basis. These posts are written about items that happened on the same calendar day. We have a writer on staff that writes early in the EST mornings, then the pieces are edited and posted to your blog by noon EST/ 9am PST. The prices vary based on when you make the request.

Market Research is a sort of backdoor service offering for us. It’s not something we offer by itself but we do offer it to established Content Equals Money clients. Back in September of 2011 some of our clients asked us for referrals in market research and after finding the options way too expensive requested our help. We were happy to accommodate and so in the process we purchased access to top level research. Since this access was purchased on an annual basis, we are still providing this option. Based on how much this sells in the next 9 months we will continue to offer this into 2013.

There are 4 types of market research offerings:

New Venture – Want to have solid research to prove your new venture will work?

Competitive Analysis – Need to know who your competitors are online and what they are doing right/wrong?

Industry Overview – What are the big box companies in your industry doing this year?

Securing Funding – A combination of the above three specifically for funding purposes.

Each Market Research project is charged at a flat rate of $1,850. This includes both the research itself as well as the ability to cite research in future marketing/sales material.

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