Serena Aisenman – Staff Writer

Serena is a crossword puzzle enthusiast and an avid Scrabble player. Always a lover of words, she has written as a hobby throughout her 26 years and enjoys working with the English language. Upon graduation from college in 2007, with a BA in Legal Studies, Serena joined the Peace Corps and spent two years teaching English in Kyrgyzstan. Since her return, she has found a home in professional writing and has completed thousands of hours of work researching and producing quality content as a freelance writer. Her further interest in freelancing can be found in the area of visual creation, as she is also active in Graphic Design. Her dedication to writing, combined with her consistently developing skills in multiple design programs (such as Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) make her a treasured and irreplaceable member of the team.

Where you live/Hometown –
Oakland, CA/ San Francisco, CA

Education –
BA, Legal Studies

Random Fact or hidden talent –
-I love manipulating photos with Adobe Photoshop, usually in some freakish or amusing fashion.
-I’ve been to 12 different countries and am fascinated by various world cultures.
-My great-grandmother is a published writer, inspiring me from a young age to express myself with eloquence and write with precision.
(She couldn’t stop with just one!)

Who you live with –
Roommate, cat, my thoughts. lol
Favorite topics to write about –
Internet Marketing
Social Media, particularly Facebook
Guides and ‘How To’s

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