Flavor-Inspired Art is the Focus of Absolut’s New Image

absolut new bottlesWhen deciding to re-tell your story with a new perspective, a change in logo is often a great way to communicate your story’s latest developments. Since the advent of marketing, companies have reinvented their look to convey an updated message. By doing so, the world’s greatest brands continue to capture our attention despite the deluge of competition. Like Daniel pointed out on the CEM blog, investing in a new logo is a fantastic way to reinvent your brand.

The geniuses at Absolut have enhanced the visual appeal of their logos in the process of rebranding. Absolut recently unveiled its new look for top flavors, capturing the essence of each in a visually appealing manner. Let’s look at why art is an effective way of rebranding.

Why is the Use of Art So Powerful?

Art induces thought, feeling, memory, and desire. It speaks across cultures, languages, and beliefs. The use of art in branding sends a message that transcends nations and reaches all people. It is a powerful tool. When rebranding, art enables a company to reinvent themselves as well as reach a larger audience. For companies like Absolut, a leader in the global market, the communication of a visual message that leads to brand awareness and sales is a large part of their rebranding campaign.

Get Artsy with Your Rebranding

Back in June, Bird covered the Mall of America’s logo change. For the Mall of America, changing its logo and incorporating the same design into the mall itself was an innovative move into their rebranding campaign. It helps solidify their brand in the minds of consumers, providing a visual link to the company itself.

In Absolut’s case, the artistic revamping of its bottles is a creative step into re-telling their story effectively. The use of art reminds consumers why they love this leading vodka brand and what each flavor has to offer. For example, Absolut’s Peach vodka is illustrated in peach and orange soft pastels inducing notions of the vodka’s soft and sweet peach flavor. Absolut’s Raspberri vodka is punched-up with splatters of magenta and red reminding consumers of its fruity zest and surprising twist.

Thirsty yet? Absolut thinks you might be, which is why these thirst-provoking images are artfully adorning each new bottle.

The Absolut Truth

Started in Sweden, Absolut vodka hit the global market in the late 1970s.  Throughout the years, Absolut has become established as a household name in the adult beverage industry and is currently ranked 11th among similar brands. In the past decade, Absolut has created over 40 distinct bottles of vodka and is available in more than 120 countries. In addition to numerous flavors, Absolut has created specialized lines of Vodka in commemoration of US cities and countries around the world. Absolut has consistently used art to convey the message each bottle has to share.

What do you think Absolut’s artistic approach to rebranding? How can art enhance your brand?

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