Act Like A Professional—And You’ll Be Treated Like One!

Professional Freelance WriterNo matter what business you’re in, there’s one universal sentiment that all of us wage earners seem to share: it’s a rough world out there.  With layoffs galore and dismal job prospects, those of us who are lucky enough to have income are often worried to rock the boat.  Particularly those who work in content writing services realize that clients could disappear in a puff of smoke.  Shouldn’t we do everything in our power to make them stay?

The short answer:  yes, of course.  The more complicated answer:  not necessarily.  There are times when the customer is not always right, and there are ways to ensure that both you and your good clients receive good value out of your time and money.  There is also a way to ensure that the bad apples end up spoiling somebody else’s fruit basket.  Check out these suggestions:

  • Charge like a professional.  While it’s true that by selling your work at a low price is more likely to attract interested buyers, you are also more likely to get a lot of buyers who are not interested in treating you well.  If you want to be treated like a pro, charge what a pro would charge.  Those who pump out 300 word articles at .5 cents a word are a dime a dozen—cheaper, actually.  If your words are worth more than half a cent, say so up front!
  • Choosy writers choose. You don’t have to say yes to any job that crosses your path.  Sometimes you’ll be able to tell early on if a client might be difficult to work with or if a project has an unreasonable scope for the pay or time frame—and if you can tell, listen to your gut!  Otherwise you’ll end up underpaid with a headache on your hands.
  • Take care of your friends.  We all have good clients.  These are the ones who pay fair rates, expect reasonable turnaround time, and are clear on their objectives and directives.  These clients are worth their weight in gold—be sure to cultivate these relationships and let them know how much their business is worth.

In the virtual world, a professional veneer is absolutely essential.  Even if you spend all day working in your pajamas, the way that you interact with clients will determine if they imagine you wearing a suit or scrubs.  Be professional, and you’ll see your client base become stronger, more respectful, and more reliable.  In short, be professional and the professionals will come to you!

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