Writing for Amazon: A Quick Guide to Building a Lasting Brand

Amazon has been fighting a battle against fake reviews recently, but false reviews are only part of the problem with seller marketing on the platform. Amazon product descriptions read like bad advertisements from direct mailers in the 1990s. In a world where consumers are getting savvier about where and how they spend their -earned cash, no … [Read more...]

Amazon Raises Competition With PayPal

When we purchase things online, there are a wide range of payment options that go beyond simply entering our credit card information. Many sites utilize PayPal, Google Checkout, and other payment services. Amazon recently decided to step up their game in this realm by launching a new services called “Login and Pay with Amazon.” This service is … [Read more...]

How Senator Wendy Davis’s Filibuster Sold Sneakers

Texas state Senator Wendy Davis’s recent filibuster against a Republican abortion restriction bill was widely discussed across social media. Numerous news articles referred to her pink sneakers, the Mizuno Waver Riders that she wore in preparation for 13 hours of standing and speaking about the bill. While some readers were annoyed at the typical … [Read more...]

Agencies will Love Amazon’s New Brand Pages

Amazon has been on a steady business-as-usual mode for quite a few weeks. The last I read or wrote of any significant Amazon news was during their interesting earnings report from mid-October. Since then, they have been relatively quiet as they prep for the holiday season. Amazon has been competing with giants like Google and Apple on their own … [Read more...]

Amazon Goes ALL-in

Next up in the tech world to post earnings this week is Amazon. Last year, the company jumped into tablet computers with a bang. The Kindle sold exceptionally well. At the same time, Amazon started pushing into competitors' territory, but more on that later.Amazon is in a unique position among the tech and social giants like Google, Apple, … [Read more...]

Amazon Finds Fresh Way to Produce Movies and TV

Amazon's clout in the tech world (and on Wall Street) has been growing over the past few years with all of the success the company has been having. The infrastructure the company has built is impressive; many other companies and services rely on Amazon for their servers and shipping capabilities. Last year, the release of the Kindle Fire – which … [Read more...]