To App or Not to App? The Answer for Your Business

Word has spread from one man shops to legacy businesses that ignoring mobile marketing isn’t wise. A responsive web design is a must have if you plan to keep the market engaged with your brand. Business owners are still struggling, however, with the decision to develop mobile apps. Are you guilty of listening to an app pitch in a meeting, then … [Read more...]

The Future is Foursquare: Marketing Tips for Your Local Business

While location-based social media platform Foursquare has not been nearly as successful as experts predicted, it appears to be making a comeback. Foursquare’s revenue has improved drastically over the past year, and according to CEO Dennis Crowley, Foursquare’s mountain of data leaves it poised to dominate the mobile scene. But how can local … [Read more...]

There’s An App for That: Creating Your Brand’s Mobile App

One way that brands harness the constantly growing mobile market is by developing branded mobile apps. But is a mobile app right for your brand? Top branded mobile apps succeed with consumers because they provide a tangible benefit, from discounts and deals to easier ordering, prescription reminders, and more. By studying these brand examples and … [Read more...]