Apple Drops Out of EPEAT

Apple’s recent move to pull its name from EPEAT’s list of companies is generating a lot of buzz on the net. What’s EPEAT? EPEAT stands for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. It’s a way for consumers and purchasers to know if a product meets certain environmental standards. Basically, it’s a way to see if a product is environmentally friendly or not.

Backlash Imminent

According to MSNBC, “Apple’s withdrawal … has prompted at least one city – San Francisco – to stop buying its computers.” Yep, no more Apple products for San Francisco government. “At least one city” implies more are on the way, and they likely will be.

Steve Rosenbush at the Wall Street Journal informs that “the federal government, for example, requires 95% of its laptops and desktops to be EPEAT-certified.” Looks like Apple is going to lose some business.

Why Would Apple Do This?

That’s a good question. The company has been rather quiet about all of this, refusing to comment and answer questions. They simply put out a brief response. Basically, it comes down to the direction Apple is going isn’t going to match up with EPEAT’s standards. But Apple does insist that its products meet strict environmental standards and go above and beyond what EPEAT requires.

I don’t think that response is going to cut it for Apple. It might buy them some time but public pressure is going to demand a better reason behind dropping a well-known certification system like EPEAT.

Have You Ever Made Tough Business Decisions?

Apple’s decision seems like one that is going to create a lot of confusion and mistrust amongst its customers. The public’s view of a business is becoming exponentially more important considering how fast information travels on the net. I can’t quite see why Apple isn’t being more open about a decision like this with some sort of campaign to explain themselves. Content marketing can play a huge role in getting your message out in a more personal and informative way. It’s certainly one way Apple could start explaining itself.

Maybe they have a good reason behind the move, and maybe they don’t. As time goes by and confusion grows about Apple’s move, we may get a fuller, more informative response from them. Until then, I don’t think we’ll know much more about this decision.


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