Apple iPhone 5 Announcement Predicted for Today

In what could be one of the largest product announcements in history, Apple is poised to present its latest contribution to the world: the iPhone 5. This will actually be the sixth model to come out of the Cupertino, California company. For the past two weeks leading up to today, the web has been abuzz with rumors and reports about the new Apple phone and its features.

Last week, I wrote about the impending announcement and mentioned the recent court case victory versus Samsung. Today’s announcement is important, not only because of a new phone being released, but also because it’s a different environment and strategy that Apple is leaping into headfirst. (More on this after we talk about the phone and the announcement.)

Apple’s iPhone 5 and Announcement Possibilities.

The iPhone 5 is likely to bring with it some huge improvements over the iPhone 4S. Just in case you were wondering, Peter Pachal from Mashable has a great write up of what you can expect for the actual phone. We’re likely to see a new phone with “a 4-inch screen with an aspect ratio that will make the display longer.” In addition to that, the phone will have LTE connectivity. As Peter writes, “There’s simply no way Apple won’t include this feature.” I’d definitely have to agree with that. And one last thing about the phone: it’s looking to have a new, smaller connector.

There’s also a chance that Apple will be announcing updates or a new version of iOS. Plus, we could see a new model of its iPod touch device which has not had a serious makeover in a while. Unfortunately, Peter also thinks that the iPad Mini is likely to be announced at “its own show sometime in October.” But Apple may surprise. We won’t know for sure until the announcement that, as far as I could find, begins at 10AM PST.

After all, they are coming off the heels of a big Amazon announcement regarding their new Kindles, which are pretty impressive. Apple has always appeared to me as extremely jealous of anyone taking their thunder, so even if the iPad Mini isn’t announced today, I think we’ll see it before the year is out, and definitely before the holidays. On an interesting side note, according to JP Morgan on NBCNews, this new iPhone “could add between a quarter and a half percentage point to fourth quarter annualized growth in the U.S.” Basically, Apple is going to boost the national GDP with the iPhone 5. Crazy!

Apple’s iPhone 5 Marks the Start of Change

What I find more interesting than the actual phone itself—or any other gadgets that are announced—is the future for Apple. They are coming off the heels of their victory over Samsung, and they have new suppliers for their screens after dismissing Samsung as their primary components supplier. There is recent tablet competition from Amazon and Google, and Apple has outright ditched a variety of Google services, most notably the Google Maps service in their iOS.

The iPhone 5 has to work wonderfully for Apple; they don’t have too many friends left. The recent moves by the big players in the tech world have shown a willingness to work in a closed system, or at least use each other’s services. They don’t seem to want to share services, like Google Maps, on all of their devices.

Regardless, I doubt anything could go wrong given the love for Apple’s products here in the US and to some extent globally, but if people are less than blown away by the phone there could be trouble. How many more times will the company be able to sell what is essentially the same product with some improvements at full retail value? These aren’t cheap products when you factor in the data plans and cell phone service you must purchase to get the most out of them.

I can’t see things going poorly for Apple anytime soon. But I also don’t think the public feels too good about the court cases Apple has been bullying the tech world with. Then again, most people overlook that to get their hands on Apple’s latest gadgets. Well, for me at the very least this announcement means that older iPhones will soon be cheaper. I’ve been working with a hand-me-down, semi-jailbroken, slow iPhone 3G. Not even a 3GS. So even if you won’t be one of those people to shell out the cash for the new iPhone 5, you can rejoice with me that everyone else is going to have to make their phones cheaper to compete!

Are you planning on buying Apple’s new iPhone 5?

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