Apple TV Release Rumored Soon, Will it Be a New Platform for Marketing?

apple tvApple has been laying low in recent weeks. There are rumors here and there on the net of a new iPad, new iOS, and a new phone from time to time. Other than that, much of the news about Apple has been regarding its drastic drop in stock value since its record highs of last year. However, Apple looks to be releasing a long rumored Apple TV in the near future, news that is a surprise to many.

The Apple TV (or Is it the iTV?)

Late yesterday, the Apple Insider received exclusive information from an analyst about Apple’s future product release of an Apple TV. As Neil Hughes writes, the analyst “believes that Apple will launch a full-blown television set in the later part of 2013.” This new TV set is claimed to “revolutionize the TV experience forever.” That’s a tall order, but if anyone can do it, Apple sure can. The iPhone definitely changed how people view and use their phones!

The latest information about the TV have its size coming in at a whopping sixty inches. This looks like it’s definitely going to be a pricey Apple product. More impressively, as Mark Langshaw writes at the Digital Spy, the iTV will come with an “iRing controller … to be worn on the user’s finger, serving as a navigational pointer and taking some of the functionality of a remote control.” Whoa. That’s some sci-fi tech right there. It’s about time someone took to TVs with a creative mind.

Additionally, Apple is rumored to be providing a mini iTV (basically an iPad) which the Apple TV will be able to stream information to. If all of this is true, it looks like Apple is trying to come into living rooms around the country and be the ultimate solution for television entertainment. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that the TV will also be connected 24/7 to the internet, enabling even more functionality for the device. What does all of this have to do with businesses and agencies? If the Apple TV is released this year, it could create a new market for online and traditional marketing efforts.

Will the Apple TV Help Usher in the Era of Smart TVs?

Back in February I wrote a blog post for CEM about the potential of Smart TVs for businesses and agencies alike. I still stand by the potential for Smart TVs to be essentially a hybrid of online marketing and traditional television advertising. The Smart TV could combine the best of both worlds.

Samsung is having moderate success with its Smart TVs, and they have certainly put in the effort required to bring Smart TVs to the consumer. But Samsung doesn’t quite have the power that Apple does with the consumer. Apple’s brand – despite Samsung’s resurgence in smart phones and a much lower stock price – is still respected and well-liked by the general public.

If people start buying Apple TVs they very well could spur the adoption of Smart TVs around the country and possibly the world. If the iTV follows through on all of these rumors, I think there’s a good chance for all of this happening. That means more time spent by consumers connected to the web, social media, and ads. That fact means more chances for content-driven, targeted advertising to work its magic.

Do you think we’ll see an Apple TV this year? Are Smart TVs going to stick or will it be a passing tech fad?

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