Are You Properly Equipped for Reputation Building?

We often meet someone for the first time and they already have preconceived notions about the way we will interact and carry ourselves. Why is this? As the old adage claims, “Your reputation precedes you.” What you put out there can take on a life if its own.

In the business world, reputation is extremely important. It’s the difference between success and failure, profitability and bankruptcy, and respect and disrespect. And in terms of internet marketing, content generation is by far one of the most useful and commonly used ways to establish a reputation, build an audience, and become a thought leader.

But with so many different avenues for content creation and dispersion available, how can thought leaders properly equip themselves with the necessary tools to establish positive reputations?

Reputation Building Starts with Your Tool Belt


For construction workers, efficiency is all about having the right tools for the job. And while they may have access to hundreds of different tools, it’s about choosing the best ones for the task at hand and ignoring the rest. The same is true for thought leaders and content generation.

While content can be generated in large quantities, it is relatively ineffective without the right complimentary tools in place. There is a need to hone in on particular mediums and tools in order to properly position yourself with a positive reputation.

While plenty of different strategies exist, equip yourself with tools that focus on four main areas of emphasis: content aggregation, social media interaction, SEO, and analytics.

Immerse Yourself in Content

In order to build a reputation through content generation, it’s important to stay up-to-date on current discussions and trends. The problem is that the internet is a noisy place. The solution is equipping your tool belt with tools that weed out useful information from noise.

Start by setting up RSS readers to save time. By using web-based aggregators like Feedly, you can find blogs of interest without much work. This allows you to stay current with fresh ideas, while spending less time researching and more time producing quality content.

Other helpful tools include Google Trends and Google Alerts. These tools allow you to stay on top of real-time trends in order to ensure constant production of relevant content.

Get Social


Every present-day thought leader should have some social media tools in their tool belt. While social media doesn’t have to be the primary method of content dispersion, it is a valuable avenue for reputation building.

Similar to Feedly, Swayy is a social media tool that collects relevant articles, videos, and infographics and allows sharing on social media profiles. It provides relevant hashtags, handles, and analytical capabilities for effective content curation. It’s a quick and easy way to build a positive reputation without spending time sifting through social media feeds. Other interesting tools include Addvocate, Tagboard, and ManageFlitter.

Focus in on SEO

SEO is one crowded toolbox. There are so many tools in the SEO category that it can be tempting to simply ignore them altogether. In today’s world, that isn’t a good idea. Instead, find tools that focus on a particular area that is useful to you.

When it comes to SEO tools, Moz, and Raven are considered the top names. These tools allow users to track keywords and pages, monitor social media, build links, and much more. In the hands of the right person, these tools can be a smart addition to a thought leader’s tool belt.

Take Advantage of Analytics

As important as it is to build a solid reputation, it’s equally as important to understand what’s happening on the other end. In other words, who is consuming your content, where are they doing it, and why? The answer to these questions and more can be found in web analytics tools.

Google Analytics, free of charge, is the staple tool for web analytics, but many more exist. Depending on what capabilities you need and how much you’re willing to spend, some alternatives are equally effective. Some of the top web analytics tools on the market include Clicky, KISSmetrics, and Chartbeat.

When looking for the right analytics tool for your tool belt, choose the one that makes the most sense for your business. If cost is an issue, for example, free Google Analytics is probably the best choice. For robust data, Clicky may be a good route. It’s important to understand what is needed from a tool before choosing it.

Are You Properly Equipped?


People who are serious about building their reputation as a thought leader need to take a look at their current tools. The best carpenter is only as good as his tools, and the same is true for thought leaders wishing to stay at the top. Reputation building, in the world of thought leadership, is all about effective content creation. But it doesn’t stop there. In order to create fresh content, thought leaders should immerse themselves in content, learn from social media, understand SEO, and take advantage of analytics.

Is your tool belt properly equipped for reputation building?

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