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Andi Stang is the lead editor here at ContentEqualsMoney.com. She is the person in charge of polishing pieces, running them through Copyscape and making sure they flow as beautifully as intended. Content writing services without proper editing lose more customers than anything else!

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Using Content and Other Means to Enforce Your Brand and Trade Name

If you are a small business owner, your brand may not seem as important as that of say Target or Coca Cola, but don’t be deceived because, in reality, it is. So you may be wondering, how can I enforce my brand and trade name across different platforms, in the digital age? The following are five tips to remember when enforcing your … [Read more...]

Establishing your brand through social media

All of the major businesses are spreading their campaigns to include social media, and there’s a reason for that—social media is a cheap, fast, and popular way to build your brand and reach your target audience. If you are interested in scoring social media based conversions, your first question might be, “Where do I start?” Step 1: Sign … [Read more...]

Writing for Your Audience

The internet is full of tips and tricks in order to help your content be the best that it can be.  You've likely read all about keyword density, short paragraphs, and active voice and how these strategies can contribute to strong blogs and articles by helping to make your writing more readable .  But what about those at the other end of your … [Read more...]

Iconic company brands and how they are maintained

How did companies like CocaCola and Levi Straus earn their standing as an American standard? They coaxed the American public, over time, into believing that they were the companies to stand behind, and in the process, gained conversions from content. The success in visual branding comes from having a great logo design and sticking with it, and a … [Read more...]

5 ways to turn visitors into customers by increasing your conversion rate

You’ve checked and rechecked your Google Analytics, and know that your website is getting hits—but how do you turn those random visitors into customers? Follow these writing conversion strategies, and you’ll begin to transform visitors into regulars.     1. Utilize SEO Keywords in headlines Discover the search keywords that … [Read more...]