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Andrew Glasscock is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated with a BA in English, specialized in Creative Writing, with a minor in Marketing this past May. Along with copywriting, he loves being an improv comedian, playing frisbee, and dogs.

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Now That You Know How to Use Your Keywords, It’s Time to Monitor Them

Last time, we looked at how you can finally use those researched keywords to develop good content, and drive traffic. But, all of that keyword research you did is worthless if you don’t know how to interpret the results! Keyword performance monitoring is a long-term practice you’ll want to practice continually. This doesn’t take much time at … [Read more...]

Turning Your Keywords into Content Marketing: On-site Keyword Optimization

Last time, we looked at how beginners can use all sorts of data tools and research methods to find keywords that will guarantee a certain level of success. It’s time to start using your carefully-researched keywords. There are three basic places you’ll want to use your keywords: website content, PPC campaigns, and within your site’s … [Read more...]

Keyword Research Basics Part 2: Developing Your Keyword List Like a Professional

In my previous post, I mentioned that there’s more to keyword research than just picking some words out of a hat. That doesn’t mean there is no place for brainstorming in the keyword research process. The first step to keyword research is to put together a list of keywords, of course! SearchEngineLand’s Jenny Halasz has an excellent set of … [Read more...]

Keywords Matter! Why You Should Care About Keyword Research

Bad things are happening to good people all over the internet. Thousands, if not millions of online marketers, businesspeople and retailers are struggling for traffic, performing abysmally in search results, and have no idea where they went wrong. They might have the best web design, or some of the fanciest new site features, but they dropped the … [Read more...]

Coming Soon from Google: High Quality Content is Now Even more Vital to Rankings

We’ve been saying that good content is the key to greater success for years now. Having well-written, professional web content will help you keep people on your website, and does more to convince them to buy, subscribe or convert than any other optimization strategy out there. High-quality SEO content is the top strategy for online marketing … [Read more...]

How To Build Your Own Sitemap in Five Minutes, and Why You Need To

When you ask most business owners and beginning online marketers what a “Sitemap” is, you usually get two responses. “What’s that?” or “That’s just too complicated for us.” Sitemaps for your website aren’t impossible to make, and they certainly aren’t a waste of time. To understand why you need to make your own Sitemap today, you need to understand … [Read more...]