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Jon is an education vertical writer here at Content Equals Money. A relatively new member of our team, his flair for content writing services is evident in everything he does. He always goes above and beyond and brings a lot of passion to each new campaign.

Here are my most recent posts

Research Tools for Content Strategy

A strong content strategy is supported by strong research. In early December, Kate explained why research is important in her article about increasing conversion rates through research. Later in December, Laura introduced us to research methods for social media based conversions in her article about data through social media. Now that 2012 is … [Read more...]

How to Use Content Writing to Get Conversions on My Website

Last week, I talked about using social media to promote conversions on your website. This week, I want to talk about how I use relevant content writing to get conversions on my website. 1. Research Research is what makes a blog strong. When defining the role of the content writer, Anuj-a Agarwal explains that “90% of a content writer’s time is … [Read more...]

Boosting Your Social Media Based Conversions

As an online high school teacher, I am pristinely aware of how active students are within the social media world. Many of my students will not email me a question, but when I give them my cell phone number, have no problem texting me questions whenever they have them. We live in a generation of tweeters and any company wanting to further their own … [Read more...]

The Importance of RSS for Content Writing Management

If you read Wikipedia, you will learn that RSS is a type of web aggregator that sends content in the form of a feed to whatever tool you use to read this content. RSS is a convenient tool for those of us who consume a lot of content from the web, but the question is, what benefit does it have for companies involved in content writing management? … [Read more...]

Using Google Calendar for Business

If you want to have the organization of a company-wide calendar, but don't want to take the time to set it up or spend the money to have someone else do it, Google Calendar is a great, free solution. 1. Invitations and Sharing Google Calendar opens the door to collaborative planning by allowing users to share events and even entire calendars with … [Read more...]

Will Google+ Have the Same Impact as Facebook?

Social networks have become the new reality TV. One social network after another has cropped up all over the internet, attempting to replicate the success of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent, MySpace. There has been much debate over whether Google+ will have that same impact as these popular social networks or whether it's just … [Read more...]