About Michael

Michael is a graduate of New York University’s Film and Television program. He specialized in writing, channeling a passion for storytelling, no matter the medium.

In addition to his work at CEM, Michael primarily works in web content production, including projects like Geek Crash Course, a geek-educational series, the Ansible, a comics-based interview show, live performance series The Next Lab Sessions, and many more. In addition, he’s written and edited for the digitally distributed Champion! Magazine.

Here are my most recent posts

Storytelling Lessons From Film School

When it comes to content marketing, the concept of storytelling has become more and more the focus when crafting new content for clients and consumers alike. While the basic ideas of storytelling are easy enough to pick up, there are deeper ideas worth looking into that can help you build a better storytelling plan for future content. At the end of … [Read more...]

Good Content is More Than Just Sexy

There’s been a conversation brewing in the world of content marketing about the need to create “sexy” content to entice new readers/customers/users/ whatever. Beyond the complexities of birds, bees, and whatever other animals are needed for a proper dissection of human sexuality, there are some other (and less potentially hazardous) problems with … [Read more...]

Building Better Video Content: What’s Next

With many content marketers considering the world of video as their next logical step, it is important to keep informed about the technologies and changes coming in things even as basic as the formatting of video for the web. With new developments in live-casting and newly approved file formatting, video is about to have a shift in terms of … [Read more...]

Widescreen and Content: Does Size Matter?

A recent blog post about the concept of reformatting content to fit widescreen monitors got me thinking about the whole idea of widescreen content. Specifically, I started to think about all of the people who it leaves out. Between second-screeners and older computer users, the idea of strictly formatting to a widescreen seems a bit of a fool’s … [Read more...]

Keyword Match Ratio: What is it & How to Use it to Dominate Your Competition

There are ever-changing components constantly moving inside of the world of SEO and internet work in general. But, sometimes, there are things hiding inside of the internet that we didn’t know were important, staring us right in the face. A recent discovery by programmer and blogger AJ Kohn of online marketing firm Blind Five Year Old into the … [Read more...]

House of Cards: Dealing with Big Data

With Netflix’s newest foray into original drama, House of Cards, being hailed as the first victory of “Big Data” programming, it’s definitely time to consider how you are working with Big Data and how to better optimize your approach. Even if you can’t get David Fincher, Kevin Spacey, and the rights to a BBC political thriller, you can still … [Read more...]