Who Made That Sale? The Pros and Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing

When trying to expand marketing reach without emptying their pockets, affiliate marketing may seem like an appealing option for most businesses. Increasing sales with less upfront outlay is an ideal situation, and affiliate networks have the potential to reach widely and diffusely, expanding the reach of products. Done carefully and successfully, … [Read more...]

Building Trust in a B2B Setting

Most of us are already well aware of the fact that consumers – whether B2C end customers or B2B clients – simply don’t trust advertising. But it’s impossible to form a relationship based on large-scale transactions without that trust factor. Let’s take a look at a few ways that B2B marketers can focus on getting off on the right foot when it comes … [Read more...]

Melonie Dodaro’s Advice About Promoting Yourself On LinkedIn

Content Equals Money recently got to pose a few questions to one of Canada’s top social media experts, Melonie Dodaro. Melonie is an experienced consultant who has dedicated her career to assisting businesses in the successful use of social media as a part of their marketing strategies. Here are her thoughts on some of the most pressing questions … [Read more...]

5 Ways Google+ Can Connect You With Your Industry

Google+ offers a lot a useful capabilities and tools for businesses. As a result of Google's focus on building opportunities and providing SEO benefits for business pages, Google+ has become a very effective social network for industry communications and B2B marketing. There are many ways businesses can make use of the tools and capabilities of … [Read more...]

Social Media Rules For B2B

Using social for business is nothing new. I’ve talked before, here on ContentEqualsMoney.com, about how social and sales fit together. Businesses have understood since the very advent of social media that different social outlets can be used to interact with consumers and clients, build brand awareness, and build sales.Some businesses, though, … [Read more...]