How Can Beatrix Fuel Your Content? A New Approach to Social Media Management

BeatrixBoth large and small companies know the value of a solid social media plan. Social media has become one of the best ways to interact with customers and gain visibility on the internet. But with all the options available, many businesses are finding the need to round up an entire social media team just to keep up. Beatrix, social media veteran Jon Yongfook’s latest creation, is set to be released this month and offers users a virtual option for a range of content creation needs.

For businesses, Beatrix promises to offer daily assistance with social media posts as well as the creation of a weekly content plan based on the selection of keywords offered. So how does this work? Let’s take a look at the three key functions.

What Can Beatrix Do?

Social media is used by 72% of the United States’ adult population. Beatrix helps users reach their target audience by fist selecting keywords. The first priority after signing up for Beatrix is selecting keywords. The software offers nearly a hundred topics divided amongst 12 major categories including the big three (for our purposes): Business, Technology, and Internet. Once relevant keywords are selected, Beatrix gets to work.

Beatrix Spots Internet Trends

Based on the keywords entered, Beatrix scours the internet for the latest trends relevant to the keywords and offers posting suggestions based on the results. This saves loads of time by taking the research out of social media posts. This feature alone is extremely valuable and gives the user control over what type of content to post.

Schedule Posts with Beatrix

Beatrix offers three different time slots throughout the day if the user wants their posts automated. Essentially, this feature allows the user to post to Facebook and Twitter without logging in to these accounts multiple times per day to do so. Additionally, users have the option to customize these time slots however they wish.

Beatrix Develops a Weekly Content Plan

This is the most unique aspect of Beatrix. Beatrix compiles keyword information to amass data from the internet that the user may like to share with followers. Frequent user interaction will make the software “smarter” and better able to predict the type of content that the user likes to post. Each week, Beatrix comes up with a content plan for the following week. The user can converse with Beatrix via email and can ask the software questions such as “What’s my content plan?”

What’s the Catch?

Beatrix is already wooing potential users with its customizable features and promises to take the grunt work out of social media interaction. So, what’s the catch?

  • Limited Scope: At this time, Beatrix only seems to manage posts for Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, more options would be helpful.
  • Outdated posts: Users are finding that some of the post suggestions Beatrix recommends are more than a week old.
  • Social Media Freedom Isn’t Free: The minimum monthly fee for Beatrix is around $30. This price goes up if more virtual assistants are needed.
  • Lacks the Personal Touch: Beatrix does not allow for scheduling custom content. That still needs to be done by the user and, without the personal touch, what’s the point?

Can your business benefit from a social media assistant like Beatrix? Do you think Beatrix is better than a human social media assistant?

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