Best Buy Plans Text Message Campaign for Black Friday

Best Buy Storefront Recently the old electronics stalwart Best Buy announced plans for a Black Friday-centric SMS marketing campaign. My first response upon hearing this news was something about a nearly-extinct dinosaur speaking in a nearly-extinct language, but I quickly learned how wrong I was (nothing new there, aside from perhaps the learning part). As it turns out, Best Buy’s strategy has a whole lot of savvy behind it, allowing potential customers to opt into the SMS program for exclusive daily deals throughout the month leading up to the Black Friday blowout. The whole campaign thus has a level of exclusivity to it that’s sure to attract customers who want to feel like they’re getting something special tailored just for them.

With reports coming in seemingly every day of MMS marketing campaigns generating absurd, video-game-high-score levels of ROI, now seems as good a time as any to take a closer look at the marketing potential in MMS campaigns.

The Advantages of SMS and MMS

One of the biggest factors driving SMS and MMS campaigns is open rate, which sits at nearly 90% for messaging vs. 20% for emails. Another is their incredibly cheap cost. After all, how much money does it take to write a text message? Combine great affordability with the fact that almost no one will treat it as pure spam, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Getting people to opt into an exclusive rewards program provides clear incentives, and since all they’ll have to do is ignore a text message if they change their minds, there’s good reason to believe folks will hop on board.

While many are bemoaning how hard it is to accurately track ROI across mobile platforms, SMS campaigns don’t suffer from the same fuzzy nature. Particularly if your deliverable is in the form of a link to a daily deal, you can easily track purchase rates and page visits from the campaign.

While this technique most clearly applies in the retail sphere, there’s no reason it couldn’t work for agencies, with a bit of tweaking. Offering SMS-only discounts to those who opt in is just one example.

Have you considered the benefits of MMS and SMS marketing?

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