A Feisty New Campaign: Bing Ads Goes Up Against Google Adwords

bing adsWe all know that Google rules the search engine roost. However, other companies occasionally have the audacity to challenge their dominance. One example of this kind of daring comes from Bing Ads’s aggressive new campaign, which boldly targets Google’s customers and offers a compelling alternative to Google’s hegemony.

How can Bing Ads hope to draw away Google’s faithful users? This recent campaign incorporates a strategy of sending $200 credits to current users of Google’s Adwords enhanced campaigns. With these credits comes an assertive pitch on the ease of directly exporting your Adwords campaign to Bing Ads. Bing has a lot of nerve to take on Google so candidly!

The Release of Adwords

Over the last three months, Bing Ads has initiated several updates in response to SEMs’ reaction to Adwords. These updates include better targeting capabilities, improved reports, and instructional videos.

The release of Adwords enhanced campaigns sparked a fury of discussion among SEOs and SEMs, some heralding the changes as an improvement and some disparaging the reduced control brought by the update.

Bing Ads made an immediate response in an attempt to win the support of the discontent SEM community. Bing announced that they believe Adwords was a bad move on the part of Google and that Bing did not intend to follow suit. The way Bing sees it, Google is limiting “advertiser choice” through Adwords. Some of the concerns frequently voiced about enhanced campaigns include:

  • The bundling of desktop and tablet advertising
  • The reduced capability of targeting mobile devices

In response to these problems, Bing insisted that advertisers must be given complete control over their campaigns. Although Bing Ads could be guilty of simply trying to capitalize on the frustrations of advertisers, they also seem to be trying to take a moral high ground.

Direct Exporting

You may be wondering, why would Google let their clients direct their campaigns straight to Bing Ads in the first place? Initially, they didn’t. However, only 2 weeks after enhanced campaigns was launched the Federal Trade Commission insisted that Google allow third party exporting as a part of an antitrust settlement.

The FTC was worried that the stringency of Google’s contractual conditions was impeding search advertising competition. Consequently, Google was required to remove certain restrictions so that their client could directly export their ad campaigns to third parties like Bing Ads.

The Feisty Campaign

As discussed above, Bing chose to respond to Google’s enhanced campaigns with a marketing ploy that includes offering businesses credits and targeted information about direct exporting to Bing Ads.

Personally, I find the new campaign to be shockingly bold, but I’m interested to see how things pan out for Bing Ads as they attempt to establish themselves as morally superior to Google.

What do you think about this new campaign? Has Bing taken things too far?

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