What These 4 Celebrities Can Teach Us About Reputation Management

Ah, celebrities. Why do we love to hate them? If you’re like me, you take guilty peeks into the latest People magazine (Celebrities! They’re just like us!) while standing in line at the grocery store. And sometimes those magazines fall onto the conveyor belt for purchase. No? Well, me neither. And I absolutely do not have the full Bachelor issue … [Read more...]

Nemo on the Way, How Will Social Media Help?

Turn on the television and you might think you're having déjà vu. Memories of the terrible storm Sandy aren't far off in the minds of many on the east coast, and now a new storm is on the way. Winter storm Nemo is set to start dumping tons of snow and bring heavy winds Friday and into Saturday. What sort of role will social media play during this … [Read more...]

NFL and Refs come to an Agreement, Social Media Played a Big Role

It's always rough when two sides of an argument don't back down. Two stubborn people or groups of people can take an issue and let it run until they get their way. I've always been one to look for compromise; I really think in most cases both sides of an argument can be happy if they just worked together. Of course, in labor disputes, things can … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Is Better Than Porn

No, you might be thinking.  No way.Get ready for statistics that will make you weep: social media activity has eclipsed pornography as the number one activity on the web.Even stranger, this isn't old news: it's apparently been this way since 2007, at least according to  Time.We didn't want to believe it either, but it appears to be … [Read more...]

Welcome from our New Social Media Content Manager

By now, you’ve probably heard that social media is the future of marketing more times than a Twitter overachiever can RT (retweet) exhaustively posted content. Social networking. New media outlets. Online strategies. These terms ring familiar to anyone with a basic internet connection and two functioning eyeballs, but how knowledgeable are we, … [Read more...]

Can You Outsource Social Media Content Writing?

Did you hear about the Secret Service tweet on May 18th that read, "Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can't. Deal. With. The. Blathering." Unfortunately this isn’t the only mistake large corporations have made when they allow employees access to business social media accounts. This leads any business owner to ask the question: can you outsource … [Read more...]