Blogging for Business: It’s Big, It’s Bold, It’s Beautiful

Blogging for businessThere are many ways to reach out to your customers.  You can advertise on television and radio, you can get on social media and Tweet up a storm, you can send flyers over the internet or through the mail.  But if you’re not blogging for business, you’re losing out big.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these awesome stats on business blogging through Crowd Shifter.  57% of companies are currently using blogs to get their business booming.  It’s time to get on the bandwagon.

You may bellyache about blogs – after all, they do require time and effort to craft, and they’re not a “hard” marketing tool like television commercials.  However, we here at Content Equals Money have spoken at length when it comes to the role of effort in conversion, so if you really want your content to work for you, it’s time to get to work.

Want some compelling reasons about the bodaciousness of blogging for business?  We’ve got the bits and bobs you need to Bing (or Google, as it were):

·     Blogs make your business an information source.

Blogging for business means big impact when your customer hits your site.  It’s important for your company to have more to it than just advertising – having a blog really gives your customer something to sink their teeth into when browsing your site.  It also gives you a chance to show that you know your stuff; frankly, being able to tout the benefits of your business through blogging is almost as good as having a personal conversation with them.  When you can show the customer that you know what you’re selling and you can encapsulate the benefits of that product, you’re gold.

·     Blogs get syndicated.

Don’t just think of your blog as an internal measure.  If you work with your blog in tandem with social media, you can spread your knowledge across the internet.  It’s like the butterfly effect – you write an awesome blog and post it on Facebook, and then others who are interested in what you have to offer repost it.  Or retweet it.  Getting your name attached to these informative and awesome blog posts is branding gold for your business.  And if there’s anything that’s at least as important as your bottom line, it’s your brand.

Blogging for business has been big in the past, and it’s only looking to get more and more important as we edge into 2012 and beyond.  Don’t get left behind – buoy your business up by blogging for it and the returns promise to be great!

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