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Blogging for businessBlogging continues to increase its saliency in the business world.  As it has become all but required to have a business website, the business blog is starting to stand up next to it in terms of importance.  It was estimated that 57% of companies who had an online presence had a blog coming into 2012 – and those estimates only look to rise.  Blogging for business is big business – check out these 5 profitable business blogging predictions for 2012 from Remarkablogger to get more on the nitty gritty of business blogging benefits.

Here at Content Equals Money, we also stand strong on the power of the blog. Content generation is what we do by trade, but to us it’s not an exercise in spinning your wheels.  Content is the key to getting that visitor to your website to convert, as having a great business blog indicates many key elements to the visitor.  Want the method to our madness?  Read on:

·     Blogs indicate a “live” business.

Think of it this way – if your website has nothing but static content on it, there’s no indicator that the business is actually alive.  If you’ve got a storefront that’s all set up but there’s nobody inside of it and nothing is moving, does the customer know that you’re open for business?  A live and active blog proves that there is a constant flow of ideas coming in and out of the minds of those who own the business.  There’s nothing worse than a static site – unless it’s a site that has a blog which is three months out of date!

·     Blogs give you a way to interface with the customer.

You see that “comment” link at the end of every blog?  This is a subtle invitation for those who see your blog and read your thoughts to add their own.  This provides the customer a way to contact you that isn’t directly related to the sales funnel – which may help some customers who are on the fence about your product or services ease into the process.  If you’ve got nothing on your website but a “buy now” button, you’re missing out on those potential customers who might just need a little bit of a “softer fall” into your sales funnel.

Blogging for business is big news, and it looks to get even bigger.  If you sell your product you ostensibly know enough about it to talk for a long time – put those thoughts into words on the page and you’ll easily have a blog for your business that will pay off big time.

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