Blogging for Business

Blogging for business is a little different than blogging for pleasure. Unlike pleasure blogging where you are encouraged to go off on tangents or set your own pace, blogging for business requires a bit more stability. Of course, the best type of blogging is when you can play the part of pleasure while getting down to business.

Think of this like a skilled actor playing drunk. A drunk person in real life is always trying to seem sober. So when an actor plays a drunk they are a sober person, pretending to be drunk, pretending to be sober. See how the nuances can get a little tricky?

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The same is true in business blogging. People don’t want to relate to a stuffy brand. There’s no joy in it. Even the most prim and proper brands have only found success by poking a little fun at themselves. And for those brands that aren’t allowed levity, they have to compensate with personable language in other ways.

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Remember that people want to relate to people – so any blog must personify your brand. And that personification should not be set to a rigid schedule. Or at least, it should never come across that way. If your posts are absolutely predictable people won’t read them. So you see, you must be a professional blog, acting like a personal blog, acting like a professional blog.

Blogging for business is about properly measuring the pitch along the journey. You can’t just come out and ask for the sale. That simply doesn’t work anymore. Instead, you have to court your leads. This is a subtle process at first as you gain the trust of the client, ever moving them right along to the sale. And the best brands among us don’t stop there – they take people right from the sale into advocacy, without breaking a sweat.

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