The Bare Necessities of Blogging: Lessons from Disney’s The Jungle Book

the jungle bookEven you’re not a fan of Disney flicks, you’ve most likely known a child or younger sibling who watched Disney’s The Jungle Book again and again. That’s because it has been revised at least twice since its original release and is a certified crowd pleaser. It has the perfect combination of humor, advice, and drama all while appealing to the toughest critics – children.

A Bit of Backstory

Disney’s The Jungle Book is an animated adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s original work and tells the tale of a courageous young boy, named Mowgli, left by his parents to fend for himself in the jungle and the dynamic creatures who help guide him along his journey. Just a few characters you’ll meet along Mowgli’s path include Baloo, a clumsy but care-free bear, Bagheera, a sage-like father figure, and Kaa, a slithery snake with a penchant for hypnotizing prey.

What The Jungle Book Teaches Bloggers

At this point, if you’re asking what a children’s cartoon has to do with blogging – it’s about time! Let’s get down to it.

  • Stick to the bare necessities. Baloo sings a particularly catchy tune to cheer up Mowgli named “The Bare Necessities,” which serves as a great lesson to bloggers: Try to write the minimum amount necessary to communicate your idea. Nothing loses a reader quicker than a long-winded post that never seems to get to the point.

  • Add a dash of humor. One of the reasons The Jungle Book is such a hit is because it makes the audience laugh, even though danger is lurking among the shadows. Make your readers laugh and you’ll give them a reason to stick around to see what happens.

  • Learn from mistakes. An ongoing theme in The Jungle Book revolves around life lessons Mowgli learns from his mentors while surviving in the wild. An important part about being a successful blogger is learning from previous mistakes. Treat reader feedback as content marketing gold – it’s a roadmap to what you’re doing right (or wrong) with your posts.

A Little-Known Fact

In 1967, Disney’s The Jungle Book made its theater debut and was the last production on which Walt Disney personally worked. Unfortunately, Walt Disney passed away 10 months prior to its release and may not know just what a success the movie became.

Is your content a “crowd pleaser?” How do you add humor to your content?

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