It’s Not Just Text: How Your Blog’s Look Affects Sales

While you may have slapped some text on a white background and called it a day, that is, evidently, not the most effective way to design a blog that consumers will actually read. Realistically, a blog isn’t just words, but a whole experience. From readability to calls to action, let’s take a look at how marketers can shape blogs to maximize conversions.

#1 Use White Space Wisely

A huge block of text is jarring, hard to read, and unlikely to attract the attention of your potential customers. Instead, break up the page using plenty of blank space. By keeping your paragraphs short and allowing for wide margins, you make it easier for people to skim the page and pick out interesting phrases that entice them to read more.

#2 Think About Your Font

Most obviously, make sure that your font is readable. That beautiful script might look nice, but you’ve already lost the battle if no one knows what it says. Additionally, understand that font can say a lot about your business. No one is going to take comic sans seriously, for example, but beyond that, your blog can scream “contemporary,” “professional,” “traditional,” or “super hip” depending on the font you choose.

#3 Consider Color Psychology

Accent and background colors can do more than look good. According to theories relating to color psychology, different colors may have different impacts on buyers. While it’s certainly important to stick to your brand personality when choosing color, it’s certainly interesting to note that blue is said to inspire trust while red is said to evoke action.

#4 Make Navigation Easy

Don’t hide important navigational tools! If you want your readers to read more, make it very clear how they can get to the next page, search through your archives, or check out other parts of your website.

#5 Integrate Social Sharing

Unobtrusive links that make it easy for readers to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and so on just about guarantee free advertising. (Of course, you also have to make your blog posts worth sharing! But hopefully, that’s a given.)

#6 Contrast Your CTA

Finally, make sure to include a call to action in every blog post, and make it very obvious. Your CTA might simply ask readers to comment, but it could also be an opportunity for you to gain new subscribers to your email list, or encourage people to check out your product and service offerings. Stick your CTA in a container, change the color, italicize the font – whatever looks good on your page.

Do you have any tips for enhancing blog design to boost conversions?

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