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content writing managementBranding is big business to business, and with good reason – customers and clients readily and strongly identify with brands.  Think of the golden arches of McDonalds or the Nike swoosh – these brand elements are immediately recognized and paint a picture of the business within without having to step foot inside of a restaurant or a shoe store.

For lesser-known companies, branding is just as important – it’s a quick snapshot into what the company does; often, this two-second introduction is all the time a company has to attract the customer.  To this end, branding is exceedingly important – and in the modern business arena, content writing management is one of the key elements of creating a brand.

When Jeff Korhan talks about building brands for businesses he very aptly says that, “Attraction is accomplished online with content marketing – providing free solutions that solve problems.”  Content writing management is of the utmost importance when it comes to building your brand image – what are you projecting with your content writing, and how does that brand image affect how profitable your company is?

With these easy suggestions, you can get on the path to using content to enforce your brand name.

·     Avoid hyperbole.

While it might sound good to say that filling out the form on your site takes “seconds,” it’s worth considering whether that is true or not.  Even the best mattress in the world won’t make somebody sleep like Rip Van Winkle (or at least, we hope not).  Make sure that all of your content writing is engaging and interesting… but it has to be truthful, as well!

·     Be flawless.

Grammatical errors and typos are a no-no.  Present yourself as professional and polished.

·     Be varied.

Many companies have blogs – which is good – but in order to really build your business through content, you’ll need to differentiate.  Consider sending out press releases, opening a Twitter feed, or submitting to article directories.  The more content writing you get out that promotes your brand, the stronger your brand will be.

·     Outsource.

Just as not everybody is a graphic designer or a painter or an architect, not everybody is a writer or a social media wizard, either.   It’s penny wise and pound foolish to “save money” by handing the content writing management over to somebody who doesn’t have the skills to do so.

Content writing is the next big wave when it comes to brand building.  In the present and foreseeable future, we’ll be looking to our Twitter feeds for the next incarnation of the golden arches – and if you play your content writing management correctly, the next big brand to hit the market could be yours!

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Laura Hancock is a co-owner of She has also been a long time writer for us. She writes with a passion for accuracy and flow. While her administrative duties have grown, she is a still a big piece of our content writing services team! Currently pursuing a certification in Technical Writing at the University of Washington. She lives in Seattle. +Laura Hancock

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    1. I think besides selling a business also needs to impart knowledge to their customers. Teach theme what is right and what is wrong. This can be surely done through the content they post in their blogs and website. In one way they will be helping the customers by imparting knowledge and on the other hand they will gain the trust of the customers by showing that they have enough knowledge and experience in the related domain.

      Thanks for dropping in at my blog and commenting. I too am quite new to your blog/website too and will be looking forward to regularly visiting it.
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    2. Branding is big business to business, and with good reason – customers and clients readily and strongly identify with brands.

    3. Branding aside, most websites are about selling. Customers don’t want to know what you can do; they want to know what you can do for THEM. That means the first question you should ask is, “What benefits do I offer my customers?” This is usually the first step toward identifying the key message to be conveyed

      • I agree – the bottom line of any business website is the sell. But it’s also true that the sell needs to be couched in the appropriate terms – nobody likes to have the word “buy” thrown in their face.

        And I agree that “What benefits do I offer my customers?” is a great starting question. The next step is “Why do I do it better than my competitors?” When you know your benefits and why you’re the business to do the job, you’ve got the inspiration for some great content writing!
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