Brands Snag 40% of the Most Popular Videos on Instagram

Good news for brands: a new study by media tracking company Unruly shows that of the 1,000 most popular videos on Instagram, 40% were branded. Many top brands are using Instagram Video with great success, with MTV snagging the number one spot. Furthermore, Unruly offers a new product set designed to help companies use Instagram better. With the current data on Instagram’s rising popularity, your brand needs to be on this photo and video sharing social network now.

The Unruly Study

The study by Unruly consisted of an analysis of the 1,000 videos on Instagram that received the most shares from September 9th – October 9th. In addition to finding that 40% were created by brands, Unruly found that MTV received the most shares. Out of the top 1,000, they made 84 of the videos. All together, their top videos were shared 134,110 times. The most popular industries in the set were Entertainment and Clothing & Apparel. The most shared video was Snoopygram by Peanuts, which ranked third on the list of top performing brands on Instagram. When it came to sharing Instagram videos, this occurred on Facebook in 9 out of 10 cases.

How Top Brands Are Using Instagram

How are these top brands using Instagram? Here are a few examples:

MTV on Instagram

MTV was the most successful brand on Instagram, ranking first on the list. This shows an example of their popular Need to Know MTV News video series. They use a hashtag, #NeedToKnow, to allow users to easily follow and engage with their updates. Creating a video series is a great way for brands to use Instagram and attract return viewers and shares.

Miami Heat

Miami Heat ranked right in the middle of the most-shared list at number five. Here, they offer a behind-the-scenes look at their team practice before a big game. Users love to see insider looks into a brand because they give your company personality and humanize you.


Finally, Starbucks came in at number eight on the list. This example is a simple but high-quality video that promotes their products by showcasing a seasonal beverage, the Pumpkin Spice Latte (indicated by #PSL). Instagram video is also a great place for brands to show off new and popular products, keeping them on your customer’s minds.

Products to Help You Use Instagram Better

Along with their study of top brands on Instagram, Unruly has released a set of products designed to help brands perform better on the photo and video sharing social network. First, using ShareRank, you can evaluate how shareable your Instagram videos are both before and after posting them. With the Unruly app and Instagram Social Video Player, you can distribute your Instagram videos to the 1 billion users who make up Unruly’s Audience on Open Web.

Unruly also allows you to optimize your Instagram video campaign based on KPI using their Dynamic Creative Optimization technology. Finally, you can measure and compare the success of your Instagram videos using Unruly Analytics. With these new tools, small businesses in particular can take better advantage of the many benefits Instagram Video offers brands.

Will your brand start using Instagram Video?

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