Breaking Down Barriers and Rattling Cages: VidyoWay Offers Corporate Video Conferencing For Free

If you’ve ever worked with video conferencing equipment, you understand just how difficult it can be sometimes to even get all the technology connected with the other end. Even though it’s 2012, there are still major businesses living in the “can you hear me now?” era of video conferencing equipment. Vidyo, a well-established video conferencing tech company, is launching a brand new, completely free video conferencing service called “VidyoWay.” With VidyoWay, Vidyo wants to bring anyone—and everyone—into the future of video conferencing.

The concept behind VidyoWay is simple: bring all sorts of different platforms and video conferencing services into one unified system. Corporate video conference solutions like Microsoft Lync, Cisco services, Polycom, and others tend to be a pain to use, and they don’t mesh well with smaller-scale services and new technologies. Connectivity problems could mean the difference between healthy or rocky internal and B2B conversions, and video conferencing systems are often too great of an expense to justify constant replacement and upgrading to keep up with current technology.

VidyoWay Brings Everyone Into The Same Conference Easily

Vidyo has created a virtual gateway that bridges the gap between all kinds of conferencing technology, so businesses can spend less time working out video conferencing problems and more time doing actual business. With VidyoWay, video conferencing is possible from any and every imaginable setup—you can hop in from your smartphone while your business partners use their corporate video conferencing system to talk to a startup connected via PC.

On the free software, up to 9 HD-quality participants can take part in a video conference—an amazing service for something that costs nothing out of pocket. VidyoWay’s flexibility is what video conference operators have dreamed of—and best of all, it’s free! The service isn’t ad-supported, and it’s not subsidized by selling user data out to third parties or any other shady dealings. Vidyo already has a firm footing in their business space thanks to their incredible corporate-scale services.

Why Is VidyoWay Free? It’s Part of Their Conversion Strategy

Not only is Vidyo not monetizing their VidyoWay platform now, they won’t be making any monetization attempts in the future for the exact same reasons. Vidyo’s corporate services are their primary revenue source, outside of venture funding—which they’ve been receiving plenty of. Just this past May, Vidyo secured $22.5 million from networking company Juniper, on top of the $97 million they’ve raised to date from other venture firms.

VidyoWay is a powerful competitor in spaces previously dominated by Microsoft, Cisco, and other major networking companies. VidyoWay’s free service will provide companies with a glimpse—a powerful one, but still just a peek—into the full range of services Vidyo can provide companies. The idea is to get companies comfortable with the free service, then encourage them to pay into a more robust list of services and features. Vidyo offers products that are much easier to sell through demonstration, and what better way to demo a product than allowing businesses to deploy it themselves for free?

Vidyo Has High Hopes And A Disruptive Product

Vidyo’s goals with VidyoWay and their other corporate products are fairly simple: they want to make video conferencing easier by routing all their users through to the same place. “The business process to achieve interconnectivity is very costly and cumbersome,” says Vidyo’s CEO and co-founder Ofer Shapiro. “VidyoWay provides true free connectivity to legacy systems through a free conference room in the cloud.”

Breaking into the teleconferencing business with a service like VidyoWay is a perfect example of how technology can shake up any market space. VidyoWay is a total software solution—no moving parts, no physical production—that can threaten other competitors’ hardware AND software products. Major brands have to reevaluate their services now that Vidyo has a product that threatens to cut into their back-end services and steal their front-end solutions all at the same time.

If you’re interested in giving Vidyo a shot, you can visit their website here:

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