Bribes and False Promises Have No Place In Education Marketing

Bribes and False Promises Have No Place In Education MarketingWhen you’re developing education marketing content for the web, just like in the classroom, you have to remember that you can’t make people learn. While you can be engaging and motivate others to learn through the quality of your content and its presentation, bribes and false promises can’t push someone into learning.

Why bribes don’t work

Did you keep your last giveaway shirt? Did getting that shirt make you trust that product or make you want to be a repeat customer? Mine nearly always go to Goodwill. Just like in the classroom, if I promised the whole class pizza if they get an A on the test, some students might really want the pizza, but the majority probably eat pizza for dinner twice a week so it isn’t going to push them to learn. While the $50 in pizza might work for this test, what will you do to motivate the students for the next test? As a teacher, you can’t top yourself each week. Clearly, bribes aren’t a good use of resources.

A work of caution regarding false promises

This one seems like a no brainer, but as a teacher I know that I have oversold an idea in an attempt to motivate my students. I meant well, but when you make a statement like, “If you work hard, you will succeed,” you’re making a false promise. Even successful people fail at times, regardless of how hard they work. You must prepare your students for reasonable outcomes. There is no guarantee of always or definitely.

Fall back on quality content to engage and motivate your students into learning. You can be an expert resource to your students in the learning process without overpromising what your product delivers. If you do this, you lose the credibility you have as a resource to your students.

Does your business struggle with education marketing? Is your sales team always requesting discounts or specials? What other issues do you come up against with false promises?

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