Why Personalization May Not Work for Your Business

 Personalization carries many benefits for almost any business or product. Personalization need not be complicated, either. Sixty percent of shoppers say they like retailers to remember their payment information, as it speeds up purchases. Shoppers like to come into a store or other business and hear questions like, “The usual?” This shows … [Read more...]

What Makes Pixar So Popular 20 Years Later?

When Toy Story premiered in 1995, many people were skeptical that Disney and Pixar could create an engaging and memorable film using only computer animation. Until then, feature films like Jurassic Park, Jumanji, and The Mask could only mix CGI effects with live action or animation. Animals might seem realistic, with taunt muscles and realistic … [Read more...]

Branding Lessons from the “Whoniverse”

Anyone whose blood runs cold at the mention of Daleks, knows not to blink around a Weeping Angel statue, or dreams of being whisked away in a spaceship disguised as a blue Police Box is already well aware of the appeal of The Doctor.As Doctor Who approaches its Season 8 premiere, an army of avid Whovians eagerly awaits a new crop of adventures … [Read more...]

Who Takes Young Adult Novels Seriously? 7 Reasons Why You Should

When The Fault in Our Stars, based on the young adult novel by John Green, opened atop the North American box office, very few box office observers were surprised. Still, the scope of the film’s success caught industry insiders off guard, especially as opening weekend numbers dripped in, revealing that the film would earn $48 million, a genre … [Read more...]

What Snowboarding, Burpees, and Business Have in Common

Elite athletes and entrepreneurs seem to lead vastly different lives, but do they really?Physical abilities aside, running a business and participating in an extreme sport present many similarities. Both require practitioners to bring their best qualities on a daily basis to continue progressing towards their goals, and both present obstacles … [Read more...]

How Frozen Did It: Lessons in Success from Disney’s Most Recent Hit

Walt Disney Animation Studios regained its former glory and splendor last winter with the new princess film Frozen. For fans who remember the days when The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King were released within a span of 5 years to worldwide critical acclaim, Frozen seems like a return to form.The recent addition … [Read more...]