Case Study: How Chloe + Isabel are Putting a Social Media Twist on Direct-Selling

chloe and isabel brandChloe + Isabel is a New York City-based jewelry company that empowers their direct-selling merchandisers with more than the old fashioned door-to-door sales techniques. Since 2011, their innovative twist on what it means to be a direct-selling merchandiser has given opportunities to women that far exceed your mom’s independent Avon or Longaberger business. Chloe + Isabel’s exciting approach has brought the industry new life and has Business Insider proclaiming it as one of the 45 Coolest New Businesses in New York. 

Let’s talk about what your small business can learn from this unique company.

Empowered With Technology

The tools that Chloe + Isabel give their merchandisers through social media are changing what it means to be a representative for a direct-selling company. They hire a select few socially-savvy entrepreneurs to be the hands and feet of their business, both in face-to-face transactions and through interactive proprietary platforms online.

Chloe + Isabel even set their merchandisers up with digital offices and data-analyzing technology, allowing them to monitor clicks on their accounts with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other blogging sites. The marketing opportunities on these sites give the representative a greater level of freedom and creativity in advertising, which is a big boost for the average seller. Many sellers host events for new products, and use their sites to promote and invite, adding to the revenue of the online boutique. The new approach is deemed by founder Chantel Waterbury as an ‘omni-channel’ method – meaning online, offline, and social retail.

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We all know by now that our businesses should be leveraging social media sites like Facebook, but Chloe + Isabel also show us the importance of integrating any social media presence with real-life events, the company culture, and a brick-and-mortar store, if you have one.

What Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Miss

Though the recently founded jewelry company has undoubtedly set the bar high for others in their industry, what they are doing could arguably have huge implications for small businesses of all kinds. The example small businesses can take away from the Chloe + Isabel success story is the power, through marketing capabilities, that social media offers today. A Nielsen study on the state of social media in 2011 stated that 70% of social media users shop online. This statistic is likely to only get higher in future. The success of Chloe + Isabel shows that a small business’ choice to neglect social and online advertising, in this day and age, severely limits its potential.

Is your small business taking advantage of the marketing capabilities offered through social media?  

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