Business Branding Case Study: Tennessee Tourism

What if your business saw a $19 ROI for every $1 invested? Not too shabby, right? Those are the figures that the State of Tennessee is currently enjoying, largely due to a serious content marketing-charged campaign from the Tennessee Tourism Committee.

I’m proud of my state’s Tennessee Vacation website for a number of reasons. The website features a robust multimedia hub, extremely detailed tourism information, a strong brand identity, and interesting, personal stories.

Quality Content & Information

If you need to know anything about planning a trip to Tennessee – whether you’re a local looking for daytrip ideas or an out-of-state tourist – has you covered. From food and wine recommendations to nature and outdoors, they’ve got what any visitor would need to know. TripAdvisor integration and themed itineraries of adjustable length make the website a top go-to resource for tourists.

When it comes to content marketing, the State of Tennessee went all out, developing a hearty, well-designed platform that reaches out to every single demographic. Obviously, not every small business or marketing agency is going to have this kind of content marketing budget. However, our team at CEM strongly believes in the idea that content marketing is effective with any budget. See how high-caliber content marketing can be done on any budget.

Strong Branding That Tells Stories

Your business-branding budget might not have room for creating customized maps and performing high-level, statewide research. But I’d wager that your brand could tell stories (or hire someone to tell your stories).

The Trip Tales section of the website employs five Tennessee writers who share personal stories about everything from baseball to hiking and – you guessed it – country music. I’m especially impressed that these people are clearly writers – not college student PR interns with an assignment on the desk.

The Trip Tales section strikes me as one of the strongest core elements of the Tennessee Vacations brand. Magazine quality, feature-style writing is a great way to reinforce your brand and develop your image.

Robust Social & Multimedia Hub

Lastly, Tennessee Vacations doesn’t rely solely on written content. A diverse YouTube video library, informative region-specific e-guides, and fun interactive content are just a few of the essential elements of the site’s multimedia section.

While your company may not have the budget to create this kind of content, you do have the time and budget to share other people’s content and recycle your own material. TN Vacations does a great job of regularly sharing their content on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you’ll notice on Facebook especially that content is delivered with strong and intentional CTA’s.

What’s your take on Tennessee Vacations? Strong content marketing and brand-reinforcing content, or just another advertising campaign?

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Ben Richardson is a writer based in Nashville, TN. While he loves writing on a variety of subjects, he's our go-to on all things related to branding and the creative aspects of content marketing. Follow him on Twitter!

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