Clif Bar Launches ‘First’ Geo-Location Twitter Campaign

Social media has become a focus for the marketing and advertising departments at many businesses. That’s not much of a surprise, either. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow companies to reach millions of consumers in an instant. But getting those consumers to respond and interact is a different story.

How Clif Bar is Engaging Consumers

Clif Bar makes tasty energy snacks that come in a variety of forms. I remember treating the bars like a piece of gold during my Peace Corps service. A winter spent eating potato soup everyday will do that to you. In fact, a revolution in my country of service temporarily landed me and about 70 other volunteers on a U.S. airbase.

Upon arrival we learned the dining hall recently began offering Clif Bar products. We were told taking things from the dining hall was totally fine. Big mistake. For the remainder of our time at the airbase, the dining hall did not put out any more Clif Bars. I can’t tell you how many stashes of Clif Bars I found when visiting other volunteers after that. If only Clif Bar could get everyone in the U.S. that madly crazed over their products. But I digress.

So what is Clif Bar doing? According to a report yesterday by Mashable, “Clif Bar is launching what it claims is the first geo-location Twitter campaign.” About two years ago, Twitter allowed advertisers the ability to direct their tweets to regions. But it doesn’t let them target anyone based on a specific location.

So Clif Bar turned the policy on its head. They want “you to send a geo-tagged tweet to @CLIFMojoGo the next time you’re in a park, at the beach or on a trail.” What Clif Bar has concocted is “a clever workaround” of this policy in that they will have to “verify the location of the tweets manually.” What’s in it for consumers? A chance to win prizes, free Clif bars, or even bigger ticket items like a GPS watch. has reported that the campaign, titled MojoGo, “will run through September 3, and […] Clif might decide to use geo-tagging similarly in bigger ways over the next year.” This might be the beginning of a whole new way for Clif and other companies to interact with their customers.

Social Media and Business Promotion

More and more companies are coming to the realization that, although traditional marketing and advertising aren’t obsolete, new platforms are providing a great deal of return. Clif Bar’s moves into using Twitter are just one example of this acceptance. Another such company is Foursquare, which I recently wrote a post about just last week.

Businesses have a lot to gain by taking a look at using social media to communicate with consumers and market their products. Since platforms like Twitter allow advertisers to use geo-location, it really doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small business. You can tailor your campaigns accordingly. That’s part of the beauty of social media. It’s likely this trend will continue well into the future. It’s just a matter of businesses developing creative and interactive ways to utilize these platforms.

Does your business utilize social media to reach your customers?

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