Brands That “Get” Social Media: A Closer Look at Denny’s on Tumblr

dennysIt may come as a surprise, but Denny’s is one of those brands that really understands Tumblr. Let’s take a closer look at just what it is about Denny’s that works so well in this particular social media platform, and what the rest of us can learn from their approach.

Denny’s on Tumblr: Great Content From a Surprising Place

When Tumblr began releasing sponsored advertisements straight to users’ dashboards, Denny’s was one of the first brands to take advantage of this new feature. But that’s not what has actually earned Denny’s its massive following on this platform. It’s no secret why: the official Denny’s Tumblr is full of really great content.

Denny’s, according to Digg’s, is the “best brand Tumblr,” and this is because it’s not “desperate or fake or trying too hard. It’s just simple, great content that gets people thinking about their brand.” Denny’s has gotten tons of new customers with its strategy.

Denny’s Content: A Closer Look

But what is it about Denny’s on Tumblr that makes its content so great? The answer seems to be the fact that 23-year-old social media genius Amber Gordon is running the blog and appears to be having a great time with it. Denny’s Tumblr isn’t just comprised of consistent updates – it also takes advantage of the interactive features of Tumblr itself. Denny’s, a 60-year-old chain restaurant that has so successfully integrated itself into Tumblr’s “culture” that people who never gave Denny’s a second thought (myself included!), are suddenly completely enamored with the blog.

The Denny’s Restaurant blog is doing something very, very right: it’s focusing on its followers. Denny’s not only responds to its blog’s followers, but also follows them back. The blog stays current with its topics with funny holiday jokes.

For example, for the Fourth of July holiday post this year was: “It’s a perfect day for some Red, White and Blue Pancakes. While you’re at it, consider having your wedding at the new Las Vegas Denny’s location.” It’s a shockingly simple little three-for-one post: not only does it advertise a product, but it also notifies readers of a new restaurant – and it makes a joke that Tumblr users found funny enough to reblog hundreds of times. (#dennyswedding, anyone?)

Denny’s Tumblr also reblogs fans, posts their submissions, and answers their questions on their public forum – all with a tongue in cheek level of engagement. Denny’s Tumblr takes interactivity to a new level.

What has your brand done to interact with its fans?

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