Branding Diagnostic

Who are you marketing to? If your answer is “everybody,” you need a branding diagnostic. Very few items, products, or services are geared for everyone. Even those items that everybody consumes should be customized to their particular demographics to target the right audience.

Would you rather be 100% right for 3% percent of the population or just 50% right for 30% of the population? In order to see your business succeed, you have to know who your audience is and how to speak to them. Your branding diagnostic will get to the heart of what your best client is all about. Gender, age, weekend hobbies, favorite foods – all of it. This very important step will make all the rest of your marketing efforts 10 times more effective!

During her MBA classes and through countless hours of research Amie has honed in on how to brand effectively. This branding diagnostic will cover who your potential client is and how to speak to them.

You will be sent a questionnaire about your business and what you think your best client looks like. After this is completed Amie will do some outside research on your behalf. Shortly thereafter a 60 minute Skype chat will be set for you to discuss your branding.

The cost for this diagnostic is $125. Amie truly believes this investment will impact your business in a powerful way. And obviously after you have a better grasp on your branding, we hope to keep you as a successful client for years to come!

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