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With years of industry experience, Content Equals Money understands that discerning digital agencies have unique needs in regard to their content. Whether you represent an internet marketing firm, an internet reputation company, or an SEO agency, we are the perfect custom solution for all of your content needs!

A Scalable Content Solution

One of the major concerns we encounter with digital agencies is that we won’t be able to keep up with their volume of work. Fortunately, our business is specifically designed to handle these issues! For typical projects, our team of full-time and back-up writers and editors are able to complete the work within 3 business days. For an unusually large project, we usually require a week to get the work done.

Why Our System Is Better

Although we constantly have a fully-equipped staff ready to tackle new projects, the beauty of our process is that you don’t have to pay them while they wait for work to arrive. Maintaining an in-house staff of content developers requires a great deal of overhead, but working with a service like Content Equals Money allows you to only pay for exactly what you need. We like to call it “insourcing,” since we’re somewhere in between in-house and outsourcing.

Another reason that our hundreds of regular clients prefer to work with us is that we are able to accommodate special requests. Since your content is developed from scratch, we can include specific keyword saturation, certain angles on a topic, anchor text to certain links, particular subheadings, or anything else you may need.

One concern of many discerning digital agencies is that they would need to disclose to their clients that they are using an outside vendor by working with Content Equals Money. However, we are a flexible solution that can be adjusted to fit into your business model. There is no need to disclose your working relationship with us to clients, and we are happy to tailor our services to fit your specific needs, such as direct billing or white label voice documents.

An Affordable Approach to Pricing

We work with each client individually to determine the price of their content, but our Pricing Wizard and Calculator can provide a rough estimate of your costs. The important thing to remember is that working with us actually saves you money, because you don’t have to pay a staff of in-house writers.

When you contact us, we will establish a flat per-word rate so that you are able to easily calculate the costs for each of your clients. Although we don’t offer bulk or volume discounts, we provide discounts for clients who establish contracts or retainers with us.

In order to protect you from unforeseen costs, we are happy to offer two full revisions on any piece of content that you order. This policy allows you to ask for free revisions if your end client changes their mind or prefers to make changes to the content. Fortunately, most of our clients are happy with their content and rarely ask for rewrites. In order to make sure that your content strategy stays on schedule, rewrites are returned even faster than normal projects.


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