Where Small Businesses Go to Find Great Content

Maintaining consistent content quality and generating enough content are key marketing challenges for small business owners in 2016. Many small businesses don’t have the time or money to manage a full online marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean they should forget about marketing altogether. Today, startups and small businesses with limited … [Read more...]

So You Want to Make a Meme (and Other Viral Marketing Assets)

If you want to get noticed online, you need a strong online strategy. Regularly posting boring blogs and looking all over the internet for stock images to use isn’t going to get you there. You need something exciting, like a meme. However, meme and other content forms come with risks.Combining the wrong text with the wrong photo can backfire. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Writing

Recently, I read a great article about how and why leaders should shed their masks. In content marketing, we always hear how adding personality and flair to your writing can grab attention, engage readers, and help create a conversation between you and your audience. While the benefits of adding personality to your writing are undeniable, the … [Read more...]

Need a Lift? 7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

The team at CEM recently celebrated the company’s third anniversary by getting together to meet one another and enjoy a relaxing weekend. I must say, we had a blast! Perhaps one of the most memorable moments of our trip was the day we spent cruising the waterways of the Gulf of Mexico on a pontoon boat. Everything was going swimmingly until our … [Read more...]

The Golden Girls Approach to Content Marketing

In the late 1980s, you could often find me humming the theme song to The Golden Girls. Admittedly, I’m singing it as I write this. The show’s catchy tune, “Thank You for Being a Friend,” summed up everything the show was really about: amazing friends that went through everything together and came out stronger. Despite potential age differences, we … [Read more...]

Content Writing & Media Roger Ebert Style

When it comes to film, no critic has more authority on the art form than Roger Ebert. Ebert, who passed away on April 4, was a publishing powerhouse. According to one of his final essays, “A Leave of Presence” (pub. April 2), he typically writes 200+ reviews per year. These aren’t little 150-word synopses either. Ebert’s reviews tend to be … [Read more...]